Monday, January 28, 2013

Teaching Mr. Sako

Scenery from Gyumri to Vanadzor
Hello :)

I think everyone back home is getting a kick out of telling me how much time I have left :p It's kind of scary. I went from 6 months to 4 months in no time flat. The hospital trip didn't help at all either.

Well, yes, I'm back in Vanadzor now. We got back Saturday evening, so I haven't really had any time to do too much missionary work yet, excluding yesterday, which was amazing. Elder Hall ended up having some lung complications, so that's what kept us from Monday to Saturday. But everything's good now and he's healing pretty well. The wound is (pretty awesome looking) just about all healed up, so that's good.

Well I don't have to many stories because most of last week was spent at the hospital or at the office helping out the Eyres. But there is the story of Sako :) So we were just sitting in church when a random guy walked in and sat down. I decided to sit next to him so he could share my scriptures and afterwards I asked if he wanted to meet again sometime. He said he wanted to meet after church in the evening, so we met with him and he turned out to be a really amazing man that has a huge desire to be baptized and to learn about the church. So we invited him to be baptized and he accepted :) It was really kind of a miracle.

Well, NEXT week I promise my letter will be longer :p I'm so sorry. I love you all a ton though :)

Elder Hammer

Parts of Jared's letter to Me:


You know, I actually had a ton of pictures I wanted to send off to you, and then I thought twice, and thought that it might be better to wait until I get back to show you the pictures of the Armenian hospital :p. So I have a ton of pictures, but I'll only send you the few nice ones :p.....

  So the Eyres (office senior couple) are going to be leaving in May, around the time I do, more in the beginning of the month, and I was talking to the Griffeths (senior couple up here) about some of their plans, and it looks like the Eyres are thinking about going down to Israel before they come back to the States. It turns out that there's a flight from here to Israel for about 200-300 dollars or so (with a connection out of Kiev) and the flight price from Israel to America is close enough to the flight from Armenia to America that church travel services would adjust the flight plans to go out of there with no additional cost. I have to admit I'm super jealous :p After being immersed in Armenian culture for a year and a half, I'm just so curious about the rest of the Middle East. It seems really similar to my people's culture from what it sounded like talking to the Griffeths and my Iranian family.
Anyways, it's something to put on my bucket list if I ever get the chance to head back this way.

Elder Hall :p
Erebuni Hospital

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