Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Last Winter

Me and Elder Harrington
Parts of Jared's letter to Dad:

...But yeah, my Thyroid is doing great now. The tests they've been doing are all normal. The area doctor is suggesting I get retested in about 6 months. So we'll see how all that goes. I'm doing great though.
Toothpaste here is pretty good :p We get Aquafresh and Colgate that exports to Armenia, so it's pretty trustworthy. Thank goodness. The Russian toothpaste tastes like doo.

In terms of laundry, we always have to do our own because laundromats don't exist here. So we get these cruddy little Soviet washers where you have to take a hose (usually your shower head) and pour water into it, then you pour the soap in, and it just kind of spins it in a circle for 15 minutes. That's all :p Some of the nicer apartments are starting to get washing machines in them.

Anyways, We had a Zone conference this week and President Laurence came and spoke to us. It was nice :) Learned a lot. It seems like Zone Conferences are always a call to repentance. :p

Besides that, this week was kinda rough. A lot of walking around again and not a lot of people outside. So, the good thing is that I'm walking off all the winter weight :p I'll be nice in shape by the time you see me again.

It's just kind of hard to keep thinking that you actually are helping people, when hundreds of people every day just yell at you telling you that you're destroying their country and their people and that you're from the devil himself. But, I guess that's what prayer is for at the end of the night.

Well, our good friends the Griffeths left this Saturday for Georgia. They were transferred up there from Vanadzor. Oh well :(

Well, I love you all :) Have a wonderful week

Elder Hammer

Parts of Jared's letter to Mom:

Well the weather has mood swings, but for the most part it's getting a lot warmer. It snowed yesterday pretty hard but right now all the snow's just about melted :) So that's kind of creepy seeing the weather getting warmer. That means my last winter in Armenia is almost over. :(

Well, Sako kind of fell through and disappeared off the face of the earth. :( You know it makes it really hard to continue missionary work when something like that happens. It seems like other missionaries take it better than I do. But for me, I really give my investigators a piece of my heart, and when they disappear, it feels like I've lost that piece. It's really a crushing feeling.

But, move on to next week. Should be better :)

Anyways, I love you mom! :)


We visited the church up here
Our new missionaries :)
The church
Our Apartment

This month is Elder Harrington, Elder Wood, Sister Broadbent, and Sister Griffeths birthday. Those were for them.
The Griffeths, they just left for Georgia, the country.

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