Friday, January 18, 2013

Night of Miracles

We did not receive a letter from Jared on Monday.  But we did receive a nice note late Monday from Jared's Mission President's wife:

Dear Hammers,

Elder Hammer was not able to make it to internet today because he is being the companion to an Elder that is in the hospital after having his appendix removed.

Elder Hammer is a great missionary and we are so thankful to have him in our mission.

Our best to your family,

Sister Carter

The next day we received this letter from Jared:

Hello everyone! 

So sorry that this is going to be a short email, but I'm sitting in a hospital room using sister Carter's iPhone to write this :p . 

So it's been pretty crazy this week. We had to rush Elder Hall down to Yerevan from Vanadzor because he was having symptoms of appendicitis. Turns out it was a pretty serious case of it and they had to have an extensive surgery and keep him here for a week. Hopefully we will be out by this Thursday or Friday.

It really was a night of miracles when we rushed Elder Hall down to Yerevan. There's too many to say, using just an iPhone to describe it all, but it was like watching an unseen hand sweep the path in front of us, clearing the way to Yerevan. Other things happened to fall in to place, where the right people were notified at the right time. People who needed to know what was going on, but had no idea anything was wrong, just decided to 'randomly' call just to see if things were okay. Pathways which were supposed to be closed were literally plowed right in front of us.  Elder Hall is healing at a miraculous rate and getting better each day.

It was a situation which yes, was stressful, but ended up being one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. It was scary at points, but I knew the Lord was behind us, or rather by our side 100% the whole time. Talk about Zone leader bonding :p There's not a whole lot more that does that than hanging out 24/7 in a hospital with not much to do.

Well, I love you lots, and I'll talk to you again on Monday! :)

Love, Elder Hammer 

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