Monday, January 28, 2013

Hospital Visit

Hi mom! So we got discharged from the hospital this morning :D So I guess Elder Hall is doing well enough. It was definitely an experience to put in the journal. I'm sure there was a reason we were there. I hope we touched someone's life.

It was....boring though as well :p Spending 11-12 days in the hospital isn't exactly the most fun experience (though spiced up a little by the fact that it was no ordinary hospital. It was the Erebuni hospital, not the Nairi hospital that we all usually go to).

Well, we're out now though, and Elder Hall has a neat scar (or four) to carry away. I'll have to make this email short as well because we're at the mission home right now, and we have to give the laptops back soon. The Carters are so good to us :) They take care of us like we were their own children (Sister Carter feeds us really well, too :p )

I'll have to tell you the details of the story when I get back home :p For Brother and Sister Hall's sake. But anyways, I love you a lot and hopefully everything will get back to normal next week.
I love you a ton!!! :))))) Don't stress too much!

<3 Elder Hammer

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