Monday, June 25, 2012


Armenian Countryside

You know, I really love these people, but sometimes I just don't get them. They always seem in such a go where? I've gotten kind of used to it, but if they want to get pass you, they don't use their words, they just push. Which makes mashutni rides...less than enjoyable. But anyways, I was walking to a meeting with one of our Zone Leaders (we were on exchanges) when we started talking to this one 70 year old lady. I saw this one guy approaching from the other side and as he walked by, he elbowed this lady right in the face and didn't even stop. I felt bad for the lady, but she just kind of took it, straightened her glasses and went on her way. :p Poor old lady.

P.S. Dad, I showed my pictures to some of their investigators, and they asked if you were Chinese :p (A very common comment Carl gets, even though he has no Asian blood in him that he knows about.)

Another thing, is that Armenians are very comfortable around other people, especially when it comes to clothes...

We knocked on this one door looking for some less actives and this man opens the door in just his boxers and asks what we want. We had to keep from laughing the whole time.  Another time we were in a a meeting with one of our members and his granddaughter (18) comes out of her room with wet hair and just a towel on, acting like nothing was out of the ordinary. We thought that she just didn't know we were coming over until the same thing happened the next week :p Now we think she plans it. We may just have to meet him at the church next week :p

We took a wrong marshutni back from a small city right next to Yerevan called Jrvezh and ended up in a village way out in the middle of nowhere. :p We tried getting off, but there were no stops until we were an hour and a half outside of Yerevan. Then the marshutni on the way back broke down, so we lost a good chunk of time from that.....sighhhh.....

Well this week was rough again, but I think things are going up. It's the hard times that teach us to rely on the Lord :)

Well, sorry there wasn't quality material to talk about this week :p But I love you all :)

Elder Hammer
Sometimes we take sketchy taxis :p that aren't always advertised
More Armenian Countryside
Flags by our home
Elder Smith's shirts are wearing down :p

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