Monday, June 4, 2012

Orange Phone Company's Newest Employee


So a shout out from Armenia. There's a man on the street we met this
week, he's about 75 years old and his name is Petros Papik. He didn't want our message but he said to tell our families that he gives you a sweet hello and wishes you all health and success, and to remember that we (us missionaries) have a grandpa over here in Armenia :p

Also, we have a member here who does this one kind of handwork, I'm
not sure what it's called. But there's a wooden circle with cloth clamped in the middle and you put certain color strings in it to make a design. She does temples from these designs she got from a relief society activity. She only has about 10-15 though. I was wondering if you knew if there were any others online? If there are, do you think you could send some of them in a letter of something? I want to give
them to her. :)

Well, this week was rough because as of now, we have no investigators.
So we were on the streets a lotttttt this week. Plus, most of our members are usually busy. While we were on the street though, we asked this one guy (obviously
drunk and didn't like us) what his name was and he said "I don't remember". After talking with him for a little bit, we asked what his name was again at the end, forgetting he had already said that, and he said "My name is Satan. Go away." :p great....

We were sitting on a bench later that week and about 10 teenage guys
came up to us and started messing with us. After about 15 minutes of this, this one old lady came up and started yelling at them getting in their faces and chasing them off. Turns out she was one of their mothers :p That must have been super embarrassing.

There's a phone company here called Orange, and one day on the street
we passed by this lady and her guy friend. The guy was getting mad saying he didn't want trash like us in his country and the lady was like "No don't worry, they just pass out stuff. Look, they're cell phone workers. They work for Orange". I was super confused until I looked down and realized I was wearing my bright orange tie :p They walked away before we could correct them :p

The sisters moved apartments this week, so we helped them move. I'm so
jealous. They get the nicest apartments in the whole mission. Their apartment has a balcony with an amazing view of Mount Ararat. But still, I'm not complaining. I have water, at all times, and it's warm. And a stove, that works :)

We can tell elections are coming up soon. One lady confronted us and
was convinced that Mitt Romney had 15 wives because of what she heard on the Armenian news... :p

While in church, we saw this one lady walk in who was wearing bright
yellow, a shirt that was almost a bra and shorts that went up her thighs. She then went and sat down next to Elder Wahl and kind of cuddled up next to him. He freaked out a little and moved away. She followed him and leaned up onto his shoulder and he jumped up and went
and sat next to one of our members. :p Turns out she was a random prostitute that had wandered into our church building during sacrament meeting looking for business. Wrong place to look lady :p

Anyways, that was my week. Sorry it's kinda short. :)

Love you all!!!

Elder Hammer

P.S. The internet place is awful. I'll send pictures next time at a
better internet place

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