Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Humble Boy with a Great Smile

A friend of ours at church told us that he has a cousin that is working with her husband as a missionary in Armenia.  He wrote his cousin and asked how things were going with Jared.  She sent him a response, which he kindly forwarded to us, which I'll post here.  She also included a picture.  It was great to see that Jared still seems in good spirits after seeming so down in his last letter.  Our friend also included his cousin's blog, which included many scenic pictures from Armenia.  Enjoy the letter and pictures!  

In answer to your inquiry about Jared Hammer, Elder Hammer is actually in the same district as we are assigned to.  We had district meeting today [Tuesday of this week] and beforehand I told him I was writing you back [Sister Eyre's cousin] and that I wanted to take a picture to send, so here is a picture of Elder Hammer and his companion Elder Smith (who is the District Leader).  They are standing in front of the mission mailbox.  A place all missionaries come and check when they have to come to the Mission Office.

 Elder Hammer is very nice and seems very humble and sincere about doing the very best he can as a missionary!  As you can see, he has a great smile!!  He is amazing actually and has had some very interesting experiences.  I am sure he shares a lot with his family...
Eyre's Armenian Mission Blog

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