Monday, July 2, 2012

Squazniak and Hjurasirel


So you asked about the weather; it's already pretty hot. This week was blazing, except for yesterday. It rained, so it wasn't as bad. We still open the windows at night though, usually two, to get something called a squazniak. That's the Russian word for wind, but they use it here to mean that breeze that blows through when you open two windows as well. 

The school schedule here is like the ones outside of SMMUSD :p They got out about a month ago and they enter back in somewhere in August. When schools out though, that just gives the kids more free time, which is never a good thing :p When there's not too much to do in a country and no work, you do the only things that are left, like cigarettes, alcohol, and porn. So that's an issue for us that we have to deal with.

No one really travels from here. If they do, it's to Russia to look for work or be with family, but besides that, no one has money to even go to the other side of the city. We have investigators that don't come to church because they don't have the money to get from Nork to Arabkir (look on a map).
As far as tourists coming to here, we mostly get Iranians coming up from the south, but every now and then you see some from Europe.

The way women dress here in the summer is like walking into a real life porn site. Elder Smith and I always make fun of them. "What should I wear today? Hmmm, maybe my underwear and Saran Wrap."

People usually don't like to talk to us, or even look at us, so the way we usually stop people is by asking them for an address (we usually have a few in mind to try and find less-actives). Usually they'll be curious enough to keep on talking. But for the most part, people don't like casual talk. They'll mostly just complain about the economical situation. :/

You asked about movies and stuff. There's only one movie theater in the entire country and it's in Center. I don't really go by there too often so I'm not sure what movies come out. It's not really a big past time here.  They do like soccer and boxing here. They boast about their boxers a lot.

As far as concerts go, we're not allowed to go to them anymore because once, a companionship went to the opera house to see an opera and a topless scene came out of nowhere :p So that was quickly banned.

Well I have to go because we're going to the zoo today, but I want to share one thing I really like about the Armenian people. They are some of the nicest people (if you're not a missionary :p ), but even then. We were just walking by when we started talking to this one guy on the street. Another guy came out of his shoe shack and started listening in. After we were done talking, he called us in and polished our shoes for us, free of charge. The Armenians are very hospitable people. Even if they don't like you, they'll still ask how they can hjurasirel you, which literally translated means 'to guest-love'.

I just have to remember that when people yell at me, threaten me, or tell me that on the news they say Mormons have a special day where they sacrifice themselves by slitting their throat.....sighhhhh. That's a true story from this week. We dispelled that rumor.

Anyways, that's my week. I love you all! :)

Elder Hammer

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