Thursday, June 21, 2012


Here are some pictures that Jared sent on Monday.  (I've had trouble getting them to load.  Sorry!)  There are about 50 pictures that he has collected over the last couple of weeks.  I think he's taken a picture of every creature that has walked the Armenian earth.  His sister will be thrilled!  Lots of flower pictures, too.  Grandma Merrick will be thrilled!  Enjoy!

Caught in a freak rain storm.

Sheep outside of Alfred's House
Crazy bug I found.
In Armenian this says, "Holk" (sounds like 'hulk'). :p Thought it was funny that it was right below that picture. We cracked up for a bit.
Ararat :)
Nuclear plant towers just down the hill from Nork :p
Arman's (Stix) cat. Elder Smith was messing with him :p
Me and Sima :p
Drew this on the white board to cheer me up :p
Rainbow :) Took it too late for the double rainbow
Alfred :)) He's a new member from India. The pictures in the background are his family.
Cow in the middle of the road on the way to Geghard
Went back to Geghard. This is the country side. A lot more green now.
Our district before Sister Tolman and Elder Steglich got transferred
Found a crazy bug.

Elder Smith took care of it :p

That's Elder Smith with the finished product.
Geghard through a window in a separate building
Mom's Note:  This is the same picture you just saw, just turned sideways.  When Jared's sister saw this she said, "I know what that is!  Pac Man!"
cloth tied to a tree at Geghard. It's supposed to represent 'leaving' your sins behind. That's a lot of sins.
The greenery
Found a lizard :)
We have a ton of roses by our house.
More roses, and Elder Smith
Us at Geghard :)
Us :p
Washing in the 'holy water'

Lots of crazy windows and holes in that monastery
Elder Smith in the echo chamber (the coolest room there).
Me :p
Rafik Papik's bunnies
His chickens
His baby chicks

We cracked up at this store sign. Sometimes they just don't know what they write in English here :p
There weren't any captions for the next pictures.

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