Monday, June 18, 2012

Jared, Jared, Jared of Armenia, Watch Out For That Tree


Thank you for writing such amazing emails every week. I really appreciate them :)

I won't write as much this week because I spent a good chunk of my time flooding you with pictures :p

But this week was fine. Still a lot of walking around and not a lot of teaching, but that's okay. It'll get better. President Carter is so good. He helps us out a lot.

Yesterday we had a district conference. President Schweitzer, our Area president came and so did Bishop Stevenson of the presiding bishopric. It was a neat experience listening from those two. Afterwards we had a luncheon and a meeting just for the missionaries with those two as well. Bishop Stevenson talked a little about the process that Apostles go through when they decide where we go on missions and he testified that we were exactly where we needed to be and that the Lord sent us here through a living apostle. The spirit was very strong when he testified that to us. I really needed it, especially after last week.

There was one of our investigators that showed up to the conference though, telling us he had a talk he was going to give. We explained the program was already set up and that maybe we could talk about it, just the 3 of us later. He then told us we didn't understand, he HAD to give this talk. Then we told him HE didn't understand. :p Thankfully he didn't put up much of a fuss during the conference. :p

We were walking down this one street this week (what else is new :p ) and we saw this one black guy as we stopped to take a rest. That alone was odd enough for us. Then he stopped and said hello to us (more strange) in English (really rare). Then he continued on to tell us his name was Daddy. He's a member of the church in the Congo and he served his mission in the Ivory Coast and is now working here as a launchpad to get into Europe :D He hadn't been coming to church because he didn't know where it was, but we were able to give him instructions and he's coming to church now :))) He's a really neat, and friendly guy. That made our week.

We were walking down the street and I wasn't looking where I was going. Just like in the movies, I ran into a tree, got hit smack in the face by a thick branch. Elder Smith couldn't stop laughing, even though he was on the phone with the Assistants :p That left a bloody scab for the whole week.

Lotssss of lightning this week. We were walking (it seems like that's how all my stories start) and all of a sudden, lightning strikes the building right next to us with a deafening crack. That sent a chill up our backs. :p I think we found shelter after that.

We went to Garni and Geghard again this week as a zone. It was pretty fun :) It's a lot more green this time of year.

Something I noticed: The humble people that we meet are usually the ones that go the farthest. Those that are prideful never make it too far. Those who are able to be taught, will be taught. Those who don't want to be taught will lose even the light that they already have.


Jared didn't write anymore.  I'm not sure why.  He also included over 50 pictures but for some reason I could only upload this one picture onto the site.  I will get the rest of the pictures on when the computer decides to behave.  Until then....:) 

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