Friday, August 12, 2011

Pictures I Almost Missed!

If it wasn't for Carl, I would have missed the following 4 pictures. (In my defense, it was 2:10 a.m. when I was checking them, right before heading off to work!)  They were attached to a very nice email from Jared's mission president.

In the email, the mission president mentioned that they had sons who had served missions and  knew how they had liked hearing about their safe arrival in their missions.  Apparently BOTH President and Sister Carter met our missionaries at the airport, not just President Carter.  (Nothing like a momma meeting you at the airport!)  They then detail their first day which included a little sleep, a meal together as a group, and an interview with each of the missionaries by the mission president.  They then were given an orientation to the mission.  After that the new missionaries introduced themselves to the group.  Here I quote: "We tell them about the strengths of their new companion, who then comes up and greets them with a hug and tells them about their first area and branch."  (It's nice to know that they already have a big brother of sorts--or at least an older brother!)  There is a testimony meeting and then they are taken to their new homes!  President Carter mentioned that both he and Sister Carter had been missionaries in Ukraine. They also mentioned how much they love these missionaries.  Another quote: "This will be one of life's grandest experiences and a time of dedicated service that will bring great spiritual growth. Thank you for sending us your missionary. We'll love them, we'll care for them, we'll pray about them and we'll give them hugs every chance we get."No offense to all of the rest of the missions in the world, but it sounds like Jared has been sent to the best mission in the world!

Here are the pictures:

Yerevan Airport-Jared's the second to the left in the back  (Funny billboard in the background!)

Group picture in Yerevan mission home with all of the new and experienced missionaries and the mission president and his wife. (Jared is 6th from the left)

Mealtime at the Mission Home (I didn't even recognize Jared in this picture for awhile--Again 2nd from the left)

I think this is their Holocaust Memorial  (Jared's the one in the back hugging his 4 buddies from the MTC)


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