Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh My Goodness! It's Like Google Earth!

This morning around 11:30 we got our phone call from Jared.  What a treat!  He sounded wonderful and excited!  I was taking notes occasionally while he called so I could let you know how he's doing.  Here's what I learned:

1) Jared took off from Provo at 4:10 a.m. this morning (Monday 8/8) and will arrive in Yerevan, Armenia around 4:35 a.m. on Wednesday 8/10 (local time).  What an adventure!  

2)  While they were in the Chicago airport, someone yelled "Elders!"  They went and talked to the girl. Apparently she knew one of the elders that were in their zone while at the MTC. He was already on his mission in Illinois and had started to help reactivate this girl in the church. They were able to talk to her for awhile.  She's on the same flight as they are on their way to Germany (she's studying abroad).  Maybe the missionary work is starting!

3) One of the Elders/teachers at the MTC said that the first thing one of them had said when they got to Yerevan was "This place looks like the Ghetto!"  They told him that this was the nicest spot in Armenia.  The rural areas are especially run down since the huge earthquake in 1998.

4)  One of his companions, Elder Seegmiller from Roy, UT,  was on his first plane flight EVER today!  He was like "Oh my Goodness!  I can see the ground!  It’s like Google Earth.....We’re going through the clouds!.....We’re above the clouds."  Jared said it was funny watching his face as he experienced his first flight.

5) Jared's just getting over his 3rd cold since entering the MTC!  He's feeling alright, though.  His back bugs him but usually only at night.  Hope that doesn't get to be a problem.

6) Jared proudly announced that he didn't gain a single pound while he was at the MTC.  Then he proceeded to tell us that most Elders end up losing 20 pounds while they are there.  I don't think he HAS 20 pounds he can spare!!!  He said the sisters end up gaining weight.  

7) His Favorite Scripture is Alma 32: 27 which is on Faith.  It sounds like it helped him while he was in the MTC.  

8) He's traveling with Elders Maughan, Seegmiller, Mejia, and Skidmore and Sisters Tolman, Kohler, and Boyle.  Elder Dicus is on his way to Glendale, CA.  Mejia and Skidmore are on their way to Georgia (the country not the state!).

9)  He told us that he is known among the Armenian missionaries as the one who will fall asleep anywhere.  One time he was so tired his teacher told him to stand up.  He stood up and then fell asleep standing up and then fell down. He then had to do wall sits, which made him more tired. Jared is DEFINITELY my boy!

10) Once they get to Armenia, they'll sleep for a couple hours then do some sightseeing including the holocaust memorial and other famous sites.  I hope he'll stay awake long enough to see it!

11)  The reason many peoples last name end in -ian in Armenia is because when people used to join the Christian church, they would add -ian onto the end of their names.  (I forgot to ask what the -ian stood for).  So there are many Christians in Armenia!

A few minutes before he got cut off he made sure to tell us he loved us and that we would talk at Christmas.  He was just saying goodbye to a close friend of his that was on Facebook with me when he got cut off.  It was nice to end without being a blubbering mess like the last time I talked to Jared.  The only time I got choked up this time was when I told him that I got rehired by my school district.  He told us that he had been praying for us every night.  Have to love this boy!   

I'll let you all know when we here anything from ARMENIA!!!!

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