Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Batch of Pictures...Again

I deleted Jared's first batch of pictures on accident.  So I'm posting them again. Here they are.
I hate this picture!(I personally think he looks fantastic!)
So I took another
It was sunny!(Hence, the squinty eyes.)
1st day before I got my tag.(He was quite excited about that tag!)

Mom told me to take a picture of this.  (This was the last phone call he made to me right before he entered the MTC.  I was a blubbering mess!)
Me, Maughan, Boyle, Tolman, Kohler, Skidmore (Georgia), dicus, Seegmiller, Mejia (Georgia), Davidson (Latvia-new guy)
Me, Maughan, Skidmore, Mejia, Brandenburg, Dicus, Seegmiller, Boyle Tolman, Kohler
Our extended district
The Armenian Sisters
Apparently its popular to write missionaries messages with chalk.
Notice the trail of missionaries
Me and the original (1st) missionary
Looks normal?....Look up!
My wall :)
Surprised? :)
Elder Seegmiller and Elder Dicus
The Armenian Monkeys...If you rub their tummies, you are granted the gift of tongues in Armenian.
My Classroom
My Classroom
My Language
My Language
Pretty crazy, huh?

Mormoni Geerkuh

Crazy, huh?
Me in the Cafeteria
I do it now.  ---"The Elders"  (Carl's companion used to write thank you notes to people helping in the cafeteria or restaurants)
When Elders get bored at breakfast.....
Elder Maughan
Me & Maughan
Our first day out to the temple.  Freedom!  Sorta...
Me getting frustrated at my language.

All 2000+ of us at devotional

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