Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last Pictures from MTC--The Armenians are Bustin' Out!

Yesterday we received a box in the mail. Jared sent us a few things including all the letters he had received at the MTC.  He had to have at least 100 in the stack!  Crazy!  Anyways, he also included some pictures.  So here is the letter followed by the pictures.  

Dear Mom & Dad,
     I sent back all my letters I received in this package.  If you could keep those letters separate for when I get back, that would be most appreciated.  
    I also sent back my iPod and speakers because a) My music doesn't match standards.  apparently the music has to be something focusing on Christ, so not even Motzart, Mozart (sp?)  [Someone needs to teach this boy to spell!!!] I don't agree but that's okay.  b)The battery charger you sent me was for AA batteries and the speakers take AAA :)  [We tried it here at home and the charger works for both.  Sigh....]  anyways, I guess I'll just use my companion's music. In case you're wondering where the iPod is, it's in the case with the speakers.
     The CD is for you (Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Called to Serve).  I had a few more $'s on my Blue Card, so I got that for you.  Enjoy and think of me!  I actually think it looks like an awesome CD. My favorite song on there is Come Come Ye Saints. 
     Anyways, I'm heading out.  I love you all and I'll see you soon!  [Define "soon", son.  2 years is definitely not soon in my book. But we wouldn't have him any other place, though!]

(I think he put down Love, Elder Hammer but I can't read it since it's in Armenian.)

Picture Time!!!
We're bustin' out!
We had to get creative. (I think that's Jared on the left)
I'm hiding...(...from what, Jared?  MTC Food?)
(Something in Armenian)  ARMENIA!
Bye, Boris!
It was a good 12 weeks! (I think it was just under 11 weeks!)
I worked hard on this one.  The MTC will flip you backwards!'s the MTC.  It happens after 10 weeks.  (As I've said, this boy may just have too much time on his hands!)

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