Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Momma's Boy is heading to Armenia!

This is it!  Who knows when we'll get the next email from him. But we get a phone call from Jared in 4 days 17 hours! (I'm not anxious at all!!! :) Here's Jared!  

Hello!! For the last time at the MTC

For your questions, I think I'll just have to live with my back, there's not much anyone can do.


I fly from Salt Lake to Chicago. From Chicago to Duesseldorf Germany, to Vienna, to Armenia. Total flight time 15 hours and 58 minutes. Total travel time 34 hours and 15 minutes.We'll have lots of layover time at Chicago, so I'll probably call you around 1 or 2 Monday :)

I don't know how much it will cost though. I don't know how to pay for it. :/ but if you have suggestions, Dearelder me.

I am currently underweight for my bags so I should be okay. One bag will way about 38 pounds. The other will weigh about 43. 

For music, we are allowed to bring music and listen to it out there, but there's a problem. Two things: The only music allowed is music that is about or leads to Christ. So they don't even allow stuff like Mozart. I don't agree but what can I do about it :/

Also, the charger you sent me is for AA batteries and my speakers take AAA. So I won't have a way to charge it there. So I'm sending that stuff home along with the letters I received at the MTC. 

Funny story: I'm happy I have the trench coat. Brother White told us a story of how he was in Armenia during the winter and he said as he was walking to church one day, he thought he was going to die. We all laughed and then he said "No, I don't think you get it. I thought I was GOING to DIE" I am a little apprehensive now :p

While we were in TALL, I was kinda falling asleep. Then I said "I fall asleep in here because it's too hot" Brother Stutz, also in there said (in Armenian) "Then open the door" I said "but then it will be too loud" and then he said "You need to choose" which in Armenian sounds like "Petee untress" I thought he mixed Armenian and English so I said "No! Not with the Sisters in here!" ....If you don't get it, sound out the last part of his sentence, it makes sense really. 

In volley ball, we usually have one or two people on the side who rotate in every serve. When there's nothing to do, and lots of sand, you can image what happens. We build civilizations in the sand. It's gone beyond the typical sand castle. These are masterpieces. Pyramid upon pyramids and roads and volcanoes, libraries, schools, and canals. It's amazing actually. 

If a companionship takes longer that 40 minutes teaching an investigator, the typical response is "They're probably baptizing him right now. They probably just brought a blow-up pool with them" :p For any non member reading this. NO we do not just baptize people in kiddie pools and it's never that informal. 

Anyways, this is something for Mom really. I thought of something as I was reading the scriptures. It talked about the 2000 stripling warriors and how their faith was strong enough to keep every single one of them alive in battle. They talked about how they were raised by their mothers and taught to love the Lord and put their faith in Him. I'm so thankful that I have my mother who taught me to walk in the light. I sit here writing this on the eve of battle ;) and I can only imagine how hard it would be if I hadn't been taught manners, respect of others, faith in the Lord, diligence, hard work, and love of others, from my mother. There's this one T-shirt in the book store that has a picture of three BUFF young men standing with their arms folded. Above it it says The Stripling Warriors, and on the bottom it says, Momma's Boys. I love you mom and thank you so much for everything.(Okay all you moms of young children and teenagers, this is what we call a payoff day, one of those days that make all the hard work worth it! I'm still blubbering every time I read this.) 

I love you too, Dad. I'm not leaving you out of this. I learned discipline and everything else from you. Thank you for standing as a pillar of strength for me my entire life.

And Maddie, :) I love you too. You've blessed my life since you were born. Thanks for being the best little sister ever :) Work hard in school and have fun.

I love you all and I'll see you from ARMENIA!!!!

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