Monday, October 1, 2012

Talent Show


I kept on missing the 'H' key and hitting the 'J' key just now....So Jello!

Well, this week was busy and full of ups and downs and other things you'll hear when I get home :p

We had Zone Conference this week which is always a good spiritual booster but at the same time always a large chastisement. But that's good. It keeps us doing or best. It just takes a soft heart and an open mind.

We had a pretty cool activity this week. We decided to set up a talent show for the branch which ended up being a huge success. We got a ton of people to show up. The first part was the actual talent show. It was nice to see a complete different side of the branch. We had good piano players and all sorts of talents. We found out that one of or members actually happens to be a professional piano player and had just had a concert before the talent show.
After the show they did a demonstration of all the sewing works and all the paintings and other stuff. That was neat. And then we all had food to end off the night.
The activity was super cool because everyone who came to the activity, including less-actives and investigators, all came to church the very next day :) Way cool!

Well, the only downside was that I was sick that whole day and the next, so I couldn't eat any of the delicious food people had prepared to impress. Oh well.

Conversation on the street this week:
Kid (9 years old?) : What are you?
Me: A person :p
Kid: What kind of person?
Me: A good one :)

He was a cool kid, just interested in what we were doing here. He asked a ton of questions about America and stuff.

Had my second nose bleed ever in my life this week. It was really weird, but at least I wasn't freaked out about what was happening this time like last time. Both times have been in Armenia.

Sorry this is so short, I have to do something else on internet this week for the church. Some survey or something.

Anyways, well, I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Hammer
Small section from note to Mom:
The balloons are awesome! We had a talent show on Saturday, which went super well, and Elder Bott had a little station where he made balloon animals. The branch thought it was AMAZING! They don't really have balloon animals in this country, so it was a new thing to them. But everyone loves it :)
Creations by the branch

This little guy popped up between Elder Bott and I as we were sitting on a bench. He then crawled up into my lap, snuggled into my armpit a little (without any prompting on my end) and then began to suck on my shirt. Then, after I took the picture, he played with the wrist band on the camera, bounced down, and left :p It was really cute, but I washed my hands really good after that and took a shower.

One activity was to be blind folded and try to guess who a person was just by feeling their face.
One activity at the talent show: who could wrap a person with toilet paper the fastest :p I guess that's a talent too.

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