Monday, September 24, 2012

Fist Fights


Well, this week we went to the old Erebuni fortress ruins, which are apparently super old. But that's just what they say :) Regardless, they still looked pretty old.

On Saturday, Elder Bott's group also went to Vernisage, which is the giant market tourist shuka thing. It's pretty huge and has a whole bunch of souvenirs, both hand made and factory made. It's pretty neat.

This week we celebrated Armenian Independence day. I think we might have been the only ones in Nork celebrating. I'm sure in Center they were doing something, but up here there was hardly anything. We put an Armenian flag on our apartment wall outside and we bought a cake  and ice-cream. :) It was pretty fun.

 A fight broke out in church yesterday :p I'm not quite sure how it started, but at the end of sacrament meeting, two of the men in our branch exchanged words...and then blows. Branch President took care of it though. :p It was an experience I'm just not really going to get back in America.

Well, finding people to serve isn't really a problem. It's just trying to get people interested in the gospel. The people that let us help are always thankful, but never really want anything else to do with our church. We did run into one lady that we helped carry her bags. She was completely shocked that we were here on our own money and just came to help people and spread Christianity. She said that we were the only true Christians that she had ever met. Then she asked to see our book, and she was like "Ohhhhhh. You're Mormonists." which turned her off a little, but she still invited us to come back some day. So I guess it's still okay. I just wish people would get past the title of the book and actually read it.

So that was my week. Not much but still fun. People still love yelling at us, but it's a normal thing :) Thankfully there are still people who love us to death.

Elder Hammer

Small  part of Jared's letter to Mom

So yeah, we're using the balloons a lot. We did one for our investigator and he flipped out! He was looking confused yet amused at the balloons we were twisting, and then I put the eyes in the body of the snake and he was like "ohhhhhhh!!! char odz e!" which means 'ohhhhhhhh It's an evil snake!' He said that it was awesome and put it on display :)

Erebuni fortress ruins from 700 b.c. (or so) (or so they say)

Balloon plane :D

Someone in my district made this for me during district meeting. I wish he were paying attention :p but, it's still pretty cool
Found another cat in our yard. So we played with it :)

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