Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy 2794th Birthday!


Well, I just got back from the hospital this morning and we're going back again at 5:00 to get the results :) I'm doing fine, it's just a blood test thingy.

We got to see general conference on Saturday and Sunday. It was way good :) The new announcement about the missionaries came not as a surprise but still made me happy.

 On Sunday, the sisters made soup, and so did the Elders. The Elder's soup was super spicy and the sister's soup was actually good. All I have to say is that I had nothing to do with the elder's soup. I brought the juice :p

Also Sunday was Yerevan's 2,794th birthday :) That was pretty cool. They decked out Yerevan with flags and everything and closed off Republic Square for the big celebrations that were going on down there. So that was pretty neat. I wish it wasn't Sunday, and that I wasn't a missionary (not really, but at that moment it was tempting) so I could go down and see all the stuff that happened and get the free t-shirt, hat, and Armenian flag :p

There was a kid in our building who got stuck in the elevator, so we went and helped him to get out. We handed him our cell-phone while prying the doors open a little bit, which has a flashlight on it so he could see because the light had gone out. After about 15 minutes though, we were able to get him out. Fun :)

Well, lots of walking, but that's okay. It's really interesting when the people always insist on giving you some sort of food or drink, even if they've never met you before and probably won't meet you ever again. They just love giving away their stuff even if they don't have anything. We have a fridge full of peaches, all of which we got for free from people who refused to take money from us.

Well, that's my week. Sorry it's short. We had a lot of busy work to do this week. Well, I love you!!!

Elder Hammer 

Ararat, with the sunrise in the morning :D

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