Monday, October 8, 2012

They said what??? In Malatia again!

So yeah! Tons of cool news this week! Besides everything everyone already knows. :p  (Jared is referring to the Church's decision to lower the missionary age to 18 for boys and 19 for girls--used to be 19 for boys and 21 for girls.)

So on Monday, we got a call saying that Elder Gropp would spend the day with Elder Bott and I because Elder Poulsen would be in a meeting for a couple hours. A couple hours turned into 3 hours, which turned into 4, etc. until it was 9:30 at night. We went back to the Nork apartment and expected to stay there for the night. Later that night we got the call saying I would be going to Malatia for a few days  with the Elders there and Elder Bott and Gropp would be together for their last few days cleaning the Nork and Arabkir apartments, getting them ready to turn them back over to their landlords. This meant that Arabkir branch would have no Elders. :( I was then told that I would be training in Malatia (In the sister's apartment :D ) (Jared told us once that the sisters had a really nice apartment. Apparently they have been moved somewhere else.) and the district would include us and the other Malatia Elders. 

So now to my new Elder :) His name is Elder Christensen and he is from Utah (sort of. They moved to Texas right before he left) and he comes from a family of 9 kids, he being the youngest. Before he came on his mission he went to Snow College as a music major. He sings, plays piano, and cello I think? :) And that takes up most of his hobbies as well. 

Yeah, so that's him :) The rest of our district is Elder Wooly and Elder Connor. Way cool kids. I knew them before because they were in my district when I was district leader. Elder Wooly is from Utah and Elder Connor is from a base in Germany. His parents work for the Air Force. 

Well, this new training program isn't something too new. They used it with me and really all it is, is having us get to know Preach My Gospel a little better and having a more structured language program. 

I went to the hospital again today for a check up, and they gave me more pills,.....merrrrrr

Well Elder Christensen is super gung ho about missionary work. He is super open with people on the streets. Just says hello to everyone. It's kind of funny sometimes, because he'll enthusiastically greet someone and they'll kind of jump, look up at him (he's 6'3'' ), and then ask him some sort of question. At which point he looks at me to respond :p Sometimes I like pushing him in the water and making him respond. 

In case you don't remember, I started my mission in Malatia. This is my second time there, and it's amazing seeing everything, except from the perspective of some one who actually knows what's going on now :p I've found I get angrier at the teenagers now, now that I actually know what they're saying. 

Well that's about it :) I have more stories than that. But I can't tell you 'till I get home :p (This phrase is being used far too often by my boy!  I hope and pray all is well with him!)

Love you!

Elder Hammer.

(P.s. The apartment is super nice! I'll try to send you pictures) 
Jared only had 2 pictures and he didn't label them.  I'm assuming the first person is his new companion, Elder Christensen.  The second picture?   I'm not sure why it was included.  The label was...interesting.

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