Tuesday, October 30, 2012

British Accents and Armenian Cheese

Me and one of our members, Susan

Although I did take four years of French, I'm not sure if any is remaining at all. I was able to read the French Book of Mormon in the MTC, but by now, every time I try to speak in French, it just flows into Armenian. :p

Elder Christensen is doing well. :) Despite natural language difficulties and culture shocks (most of which I had already forgotten about. Going back will be weird.) he seems to be holding up well. The training seems to be focusing more on Preach My Gospel and less on the language. So we use every opportunity we can to practice the language.

Well, in my district we have Elder Woolley and Elder Connor, although this week Elder Connors leaving our district and a mini-missionary is coming in, named Abraham. Abraham is a pretty neat guy that Elder Fairclough and Rackham baptized while I was in Shengavit. He's a way cool guy and a great support to the church in Yerevan. Elder Woolley is from Utah and I don't know too much more about him. I'm pretty sure he did a year at BYU before he came out.

You'll have to forgive if things are spelled wrong or don't make sense. About 10 kids just walked into the internet place and they're all playing Call of Duty now....at the top of their lungs. Fun.

So we're just starting to see the effects of the new missionary age change. We already have three new Elders that got added to the March group. :) So that will be fun seeing what happens.

Well, lots of walking around. Lots of people who really did not like us :) Just part of the job right? We almost got to meet with this one guy named Albert. He seemed neat and seemed to understand and accept everything, but for some reason, he just called us and told us not to call him again.

Elder Christensen found the cure to Armenian cheese this week. We found out that if you eat it with the most sugary fruit you can find, then the salt and the sugar cancels out. :) They always have fruit to give out, so everything's looking up :)

We were talking to some guys on the street and one of them mentioned that he knew English. So I spoke kinda fast English trying to throw him off and it worked sort of. He made an excuse that he learned British English, not American. So I put on the best joke of a British English accent that I could and it worked! He understood every word I said after that. It was super funny.

Well, I'm sorry I don't have more spiritual stories; it was a little rougher of a week. Next week though yeah? :)

Love you all!

Elder Hammer


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