Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quit Hogging the Shelf!

Jared's latest letter included pictures!  That's always a treat.  I will scan and post those pictures soon!  Here's the letter.

Hi Family!

I have NO TIME on that stupid computer.  I'm enclosing pictures in order.

Few more funny stories:
     The first day we got to the MTC, Elder Seegmiller lost his scriptures.  For the past month, he thought his host had taken them.  WE checked lost and found and everything.  For the past month, I noticed that on our toiletries shelf (Maughan's and mine) we didn't have much room.  He took up most of the space because he put his scriptures up there, too.  So finally one day, I was slightly peeved and I said, "I just want to know, Yeretz Maughan, why do you keep your scriptures with your toiletries?"  Then he said, "those aren't mine."  We both looked at Seegmiller, then we realized what happened.  For a month, Seegmiller had been looking at those scriptures while he tied his tie in the mirror and it never registered that they were his!  :)

    We (by the means of us, the Holy Ghost) also got our next investigator to be baptized, actually, both of the ones I'm teaching right now (all in Armenian).  anyways, I love you lots!  That's all! :) 

Ես սիրում եմ քեզ շատ
I love you lots!
մնալ ապահով
Stay safe!
 սեր ավագ կրել
Love, Elder Bear  

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