Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pictures: Jared eats the Provo Temple

Jared must not be getting enough to eat.  He's resorted to trying to eat the Provo Temple.  At least that's what the picture looked like!  Jared sent us a few more pictures on Saturday.  Here they are!
And...I got bored.  Now I'm eating the temple. (Just call him Elder Chuckles!)
Provo Temple from the back. (Jared is not looking so hungry in this picture.  Actually he is looking quite nice with his missionary haircut!)
Left to Right: Eyring's car, Monson's car, Uchdorff's car. This was the only picture I could sneak.  Taken from my window in the stairway in 7m, right next to the main building (1m) and the main entrance. (My sneaky little boy knows he shouldn't be taking pictures when they asked him not to!)
They finally flew the Armenian flag! (Jared has ALWAYS loved flags.  This must have been a happy day for him!)
There it is!  On the left.

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