Friday, July 8, 2011

I Love Pictures!!!

Jared surprised us on Tuesday by sending us some MORE pictures!  Here's a look at what boy sent and his comments:
Why am I sad?
I have no hair!  (I think he looks adorable!)
Maybe we get a little distracted, in an educational way...Tornado
Notice the dog saying "Wp wp" Arf arf!  (That's what the text looked like in Armenian!)

This is the TRC, where rooms of investigators are simulated.  Nice, huh?
Too bad they put the Armenians in here...
Where we quickly found out...

...they do immunizations.(No cute little smiley faces on THIS picture!)
Good thing it was only for one day.  The TRC was packed. (The look of a very wary boy! We used to have to give him an ice cream cone and a Matchbox car every time he got a shot!)
Who ya gonna to call?  [on our "service" day] ( I didn't even recognize Jared at first!)
Ghost Busters!
I fell asleep.  Hence, the red patch on my forehead!  (Learning Armenian by osmosis, I see.)
This took a while to plan :)  I'm the one in the very back of the group.  [Elders Hall, Seegmiller, Dicus, Nichols, Davidson, Skidmore, Maughan, Majia, Hammer] (If there's a way to goof off/have fun, and not get into too much trouble, this boy will find it!)
There was a tag mix-up after gym :)

Maughan-Key :) (Jared then writes this in Armenian)
Courtesy of Sister Kohler

Again Sister Kohler
If it's in the Bible, it must be true!

Nice picture of a flower at the temple. Tell Grandma & Grandpa Merrick the roses bloomed.  This is for them.  (Love this picture! What a photographer!  What a boy!)

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