Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One English District Left!

Sounds like our Elder is starting to realize he's leaving in 2 1/2 weeks! Can't believe how fast his time has flown at the MTC.  Can't wait to talk to him in 2 1/2 weeks!  :)  Here's Jared!

Barev Dzez MTCetz!

The days are really starting to count down. It's crazy to think about. We are some of the "oldest" here at the MTC. Everything has become routine :p. If we were Spanish Elders, then we would be leaving Monday. But alas, our language is nuts.

Funny story: There is a control for the air conditioning in our classroom, but it does absolutely nothing. The air conditioning is always on full blast, for whatever reason. So the way we control it is by putting books on top of the vents where the air comes out. If we feel a little warm we say "hey, can we turn the AC down to about two books?" and if we're cold, then we say "hey, turn the AC up to about six books". Kinda funny. And kinda sketchy. 

The sisters in our district really take care of us. Sister Tolman's grandma always sends baked goods, and always shares. Sister Boyle's dad always sends a candy bar for everyone in the district every Friday. One day, we decided to make flags to put on our name tags to remind us to speak our language. Sister Kholer made those flags for us and had copies made and laminated. Elders would be so lost without sisters. 

For us district who are in here for 12 weeks, we have no sense of normal time. We measure time in terms of "English districts". So for us, as of this week, we have only "one English District" left. 

This week I was dropped by my "investigator" for the first time. It was really hard for me. Apparently, he took something the wrong way and said he didn't feel good and refused to set a time for us to come back. It was really quite discouraging.

Today our district was assigned to clean the temple (it's been closed for about 3 weeks now). They assigned the Sisters in our district to the more delicate task of cleaning the chandalire (spelling...), while the Elders were assigned the glorious task of cleaning the lockers...with Q-tips. That and bear it). Elder Dicus and Maughan were taken away at the beginning to do some special task. When they came back, they told us that they picked up a few scraps of carpet for a few minutes, took a tour of the whole temple, where they say some people in the Celestial room placing some gold sheets on the walls, they toured the security room with all the camera displays, then made cookies for the rest of the time. Sighhh..... I hate Q-tips now.

It was fun though, they gave us these cool white scrubs to wear and we just cleaned for 3 & 1/2 hours. It was kind of weird to see the temple in construction though. The floors were all plastic wrapped as well as all the pictures. Scraps of carpet were everywhere, cleaning materials and hoses were scattered everywhere and lights were turned off in some places. It was definitely strange to see this side of the temple. 

Also at the temple, we worked along side some Russian elders, one of whom was KYLE COLLINSWORTH!!!(Mom's Note: For those of you who don't know Elder Collinsworth (like me!), he played BYU basketball as a guard this year.)   It was so cool seeing him. I was able to talk to him about last season and all that went down in Colorado and New Orleans. It's cool to see that SOME people from the BYU team still go on missions (*cough* Jimmer *cough*).

These new Elders from Greece are really cool. I think there is a permanent bond between the Greek District and the Armenian District. It's so cool to see how close we are. This week we are getting 24 new English elders to replace all those that are leaving. That will be crazy. That's six room of English Elders.

Anyways, just getting ready for leaving in a couple weeks. I sent my suit in for dry cleaning and I'm getting all my stuff ready for packing. I don't know the language, but that's alright. I don't expect to speak decent Armenian until the last few weeks of my mission. I'm doing alright here, just getting by. Taking things one week at a time. I love you all, tell Maddie hi for me. Stay safe! 

Yeretz Hammer

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