Monday, February 11, 2013

Gonna Miss the Bread ALMOST as Much as the People

Me, stopped on the way back.

Highlight of this week: We went up to Alaverdi this week to give the sacrament to the members up there. It was the first Sacrament meeting I've conducted, so that was kind of nerve wracking. It was fun though. I love the members up there. It's amazing that the few members up there stay so strong, so far detached from the rest of Armenia.

Well, we went there with Serge, the 1st counselor in the presidency, and Vardan, one of our good members. On our way back, we stopped by a river and had a little lunch of Yershik (sausage thing?) and cheese sandwiches. It was amazing. I'm going to miss this bread, almost as much as I'll miss these people :p Okay, maybe not that much. I love these people too much.

It was kind of interesting though because I was calling all the members up there to let them know, and I called one member and she said "I wasn't feeling too good and I was praying real hard that the Elders would come up tomorrow and do sacrament. After I prayed, the phone rang, and I knew who it was going to be." So that was pretty neat :)

We had a pretty successful Elders Quorum activity this week. We had a lot of members and investigators show up. Even ours! Unfortunately, his phone has been turned off since and we haven't been able to get a hold of him.

Everyone here seems to be getting a bug that's going around. It's a bad upset stomach and then a terrible headache afterwards. Thankfully I've been spared so far.

On Monday, we celebrated Elder Woods birthday which was last Sunday. We went over to the church and played ping pong and had a little bit of food delivered to us :) It was pretty fun. We have a really cool district.

Anyways, love you all!

Elder Hammer
Vardan, Me, Sago, and Mishik
Our branch prez
The Elders quorum
Elder Hall and Wood at the Elders quorum activity
The nicest supermarket here, where we go most of the time.
Ofelia :)
The Alaverdi group
Public buses in Vanadzor
This was walking the streets of Alaverdi.... It's a little rural.
Me and Serge
Our socket burned out this week, so we replaced it :) I feel like a man!

The Gyumri district
I'm still a kid!

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