Monday, August 27, 2012

A Tomato and a Loaf of Bread

Yerevan at dusk

So, an interesting transfer happened this week. Part of it was that they pulled the other Elders from Arabkir and changed the boarders so that we have Nor Nork, Avan, Jrvezh, Arinj, and now Zetun as well as Kanaker. Our area is now the largest area in the mission. It's pretty stressful.

But yeah, the only other Elders in our district are the Zone Leaders, and they always have to attend Malatia for their district meetings because it's just two elders and two sisters. So our District meetings are two. Elder Bott and I. So we'll see how that goes. :p

Another interesting thing. We had to renew our visas this week. This one should last us for the rest of our missions. It was a nice little reunion for our MTC group.

The hospital was another story. It was exactly how it was last year. We got "ultrasounded". I'm not sure why. It was really awkward since it was a 27-28 year old girl ultrasounding my stomach...and beyond. But then after that we got our blood pulled, and then they hooked me up to an ancient EKG system with things that looked like car jumper cables,  which was also operated by a 24-25 year old nurse... And then to end it all off they shot us with about 5 x-rays.

But yeah it was fun. And then we all went out to eat together afterwards. So it was nice.

We were meeting with some members this week, when all of a sudden some kids ran by and threw rocks at their windows. So I guess it's not just us that gets the persecution.

We got invited in from off the street this week by some people who we helped. After we took their building materials to their house, they asked us to stay a bit. They apologized that they couldn't hyurasirel us (basically giving food to guests is what it means) because they had no more food in the house. But then someone came out and said "Hey, I found food!" So they brought it out and fed us with the last tomato they had and a small loaf of bread. I was really touched, but not surprised, because that's just how the Armenian people are. The only food they had they gave to us.

But yeah, that was basically my week. We're walking around a lot, but that's okay. Elder Bott is getting ready to go home in less than six weeks now. Everything is normal and going well. We have an investigator, Tsoghik, if you remember her, who is about to get baptized. We'll find out next week :)

Anyways, love you all lotssss :)

Elder Hammer
Our group at the hospital this week
Abraham and I

Elder Bott and his butterfly that flew onto him :p

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