Monday, September 3, 2012

Tsoghik Gets Baptized!

Elder Hatch, Elder Bott, Tsoghik, me :)

Who did I help this week? Well, we helped this one crazy guy :) He was dumpster diving for clothing, so I ran back home, got him two ties and Elder Bott grabbed him a Book of Mormon (which he wanted). We then helped him carry all his clothes back to his home. He kept on talking to himself and had a few other problems, but he seemed like a nice guy :)

So, about my companion Elder Bott. He's from Peoria, Arizona. He hasn't gone to college yet, but he plans on going to BYU Idaho and then transferring to Provo. He has only one brother, so our families are the same size. He's really good at art and the guitar, and plans on going into animation after college. His favorite Ice cream flavor is vanilla (bleagh. I just stir in cocoa powder), and likes anything from Asia. 

Anyways, so the big news for this week: I baptized Tsoghik! It was actually kind of funny. She had one last interview with President Carter yesterday (Sunday), and as we were finishing up President Carter said, "So normally baptisms are on Fridays or Saturdays, but it doesn't really matter. What day do you want to get baptized?" and Tsoghik responded, "Can it be today?" :p President Carter was kind of shocked but said "Oh...well...I suppose it could." So we had a Sunday baptism. :) I had the privilege of performing the ordinance myself :) She is such an amazing lady. She already has a great support system. Her mother and sister are already in the church, so everything will be great. Her sister is in our branch, so she can come to church with her. 

Well that was the exciting news :) 

We found a water cooler thing in our apartment this week. You know like those Arrowhead or Sparklettes ones that pour out either cold or hot water. So we hooked it up, cleaned it up, and filled it up. :) Now we can either have nice cold water after being outside, or I can have instant hot water to make Ramen. :) 

We walked by this one guy who was kind of crunched over this week, so we stopped and see if we could help him. We asked if he needed help and he got up, smiled, and told us to have some fruit that was by his car. He filled up a bag and gave it to us (that's not unusual around this country). But what was unusual, was that after that, he crunched back over and clutched his chest. We asked what was wrong and he said his chest was feeling tight and that it was painful. So we got his family to call medical and made sure he was going to be taken care of before we left.  Armenians....Even when they're having heart attacks, they make sure their guests feel loved.

We found a fox this week :) He was cute and fluffy.They're smaller than I imagined. 

Well anyways, that's my week.

Love you all!!!

Elder Hammer

Elder Gropp, Natalia (other elder's investigator), Elder Bott, Avetik (first counselor in branch), Elder Hatch, Tsoghik, Me, Gayane (Tsoghik's sister)
Elder Bott trying to force the water filter chambers off. We had to change the filters and clean them last Monday and they were a pain to take off.
Funny English on our washing bucket thing, translated from Arabic
Arman (Stix) 's cat, rolled up in a burrito :p

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