Monday, August 6, 2012

Falling Down the Manhole


So this week was full of a couple good stories. :p

(Jared tells us that 2 Elders are going home for health reasons. He wants to respect their privacy so he wants us to keep it off the blog.)
....So prayers for this mission would be appreciated :p Especially considering my miraculous story :p

This week, Elder Bott and I were walking along when all of a sudden I just fell straight down...into a manhole, the cover of which wasn't put on properly. I fell in about mid-thigh deep before I fell over onto the concrete catching myself :p Thankfully nothing too bad happened. My legs got messed up pretty bad, and I have a bruise about the size of half a Book of Mormon on my thigh, (a Book of Mormon, by the way, is about 7" long and 5" wide) which is turning some pretty cool colors, but for the most part, I was alright. After Elder Bott pulled the manhole cover off of me, I took a little break and then we went back home to put ice on my legs. :p

We didn't have a whole lot of people to teach this week, which was really sad, so we did a little service instead. We made some brownies (which don't exist here, but they love them a lot whenever the Elders make them) and gave them to some of our less-active members :)

We also discovered this week that we have a pear tree and some grape vines in our backyard as well. :) Yummmmmm,

For once, we finally did an activity for our branch. Only 10 people showed up :/ But that's okay. We watched the Testaments in Russian and brought our own homemade popcorn and some juice for our members. We ended up with a lot of extra popcorn :/ The movie was good though. Still cheesy, but a lot more awesome sounding in Russian. :p

So I got all the letters from the Relief Society and the Elder's Quorum as well as the High Priests :) Thank you for doing that for me :) I really appreciated that.

We were walking through Center this week on our way to Violet's house (we're teaching her sister. Long story.) and we saw three people in white shirts and ties and black tags. We didn't recognize any of them so we were really confused at first. But turns out they were Ukrainian missionaries who were here renewing their visas and taking a day to check out Yerevan until they flew out on Saturday. It was kinda cool realizing that other missionaries exist besides us here in Armenia. :p We're pretty isolated out here. With three Muslim countries on our sides and Georgia on the top, we don't see much of anyone, ever. :p

Anyways, I love you all :)))) Have fun at the family reunion :)

Elder Hammer


  1. I'm a former AYMer, and a fellow manhole faller-inner. We should start a club... Glad Elder Hammer is ok. I ended up in the hospital and major stitches with my leg. Good times in Hayastan!

  2. Sorry to hear that! Jared has definitely been watched over while one his mission!


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