Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cool and Crazy


I'm super jealous about Anderson's Pea Soup. I remember eating there on the way back from Northern California, or Fresno. I do like our own homemade pea soup as well though, and the bread we had to go along with it. I do really enjoy Armenian food, but Enchiladas is sounding really good right now, or Lasagna.

You asked if we still say White Bible when referring to the white handbook (for missionaries) :p That was actually one of the first rules they told us in the MTC. Right after saying we all needed haircuts, they told us never to use the name "white bible". It had never entered any of our minds, so naturally we started saying it as a joke after that.

Anyways, I had a very tiring week. Quite a bit of walking, quite a bit of being cussed at (I know most of the cuss words now :p ) but that's okay. Things will get better.

The cool thing about being outside a lot, is a greater chance of seeing cooler things. For example, we saw a soldier just walking around with an AK-47 on the street this week.  Or like seeing some kids jump the wall of the military base, just so they can go play soccer on the field there. :p

We got to go help the other elders in our district. They've been stuck inside for two weeks now because of one of the elders has a leg injury. So we went on splits with them and helped them to be able to go do work outside now :) They enjoyed it.

Sometimes we talk to some really cool guys, and sometimes we talk to some pretty crazy people. We talked to these two guys that were pretty neat kids and asked us about ourselves and stuff and got us some sparkling water from their store (I had to choke it down). But then also this week, we met this one guy who said "Is it a sin to injure animals?" and we thought he was going to say something about the Armenian church doing animal sacrifices, so we asked him what he meant. He said "Like when I'm angry, or bored, sometimes I just burn things," and we asked "Like what?" He said "Cats, dogs, peoples hands." So we told him that that was probably a bad idea, left him our number, and then left :p It was a little weird.

Well that's my week. Have a nice week at school and stuff :)

Elder Hammer
The internet place we use to send pictures, but isn't allowed for normal email use, because of isolated computer stalls.

The statue and memorial of Gai

An activity in Priesthood, talking about listening to the one voice you trust to lead you and ignoring the other voices around you. :p

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