Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Airplane Buddy

So speaking of car trouble, I think I mentioned this way back in last year, but that reminds me of a time when we had to deal with tires, without power tools. Like the time we had to inflate four tires on our neighbor's car, with a bike pump, while someone else had to hold the tube into the tire with all their might. :p That was also not a good idea. It definitely made us feel justified to buy ice cream bars that afternoon though.

Well this week was pretty crazy because we had to move everything from the old church to the new church. I have pictures I promise, but the connection is slow this week, so I'll have to throw them your way next week. It was really kind of cool though. We moved everything from the computers to the chairs to the pulpit. And after that we had to set it all back up again. Elder Wood, Sister Nelson, and I had to honor of being the drill and nail team to put up the paintings. So Sister Nelson operated the power drill (she's actually quite strong) and I operated the vacuum to clean up the debris while she was drilling, and Elder Wood was felt kind of left out and unimportant, so we made him the 'Supplies Management Coordinator' which means he just handed us the screws and carried the cords for us. Anyways, the building is great and it's super bright and lit up, so I'll have to send you pictures next week.

This week we got the classic from one of our investigators: Them on the phone: "We're not home right now" us: "hmmm..." (looking at the number, seeing that it's a home phone number).

Well, we picked up one of our member's son as an investigator. It was actually quite funny because he was just looking through my pictures (in the book mom made for me) and he got to the end and he was like ooOOoooo. He pointed to the picture of the nighthawk and he said "that's the F-117. One of my favorites" (First off, you have to realize how crazy that is, because most Armenians, bless their souls, just live in their own little bubble, and most of the time ask me how long it takes to drive to America from Armenia. So when they get to that picture, they're usually just like 'Ooo. A plane. Did you take that picture?') Then he points to the F-22 and he says "Ahhhh, the Raptor" and then he proceeds to give the specs on all the planes and shows me his favorite videos of MiGs and Su's (Russian jets) (oops...) ( :) ) (That's a guilty smile). Anyways, I found my bosom buddy in Armenia. He's really cool and helped us move the church actually. We just have to help him with word of wisdom problems, which is essentially the only reason he hasn't joined his mom yet in the church.

This week we also found a young man named Hovhanes (John). He and his family are from Russia but he has to come back down for the military service requirement in Armenia. He's really amazing though, and believes everything we say to be true. So, we hope to be able to work with him quickly before he joins the army. :)

Well, that's my week :) Love you all!

Elder Hammer

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