Thursday, March 14, 2013

Women's Day

Me and a couple kids in our branch (Don't you just love their eyes? Especially the kid on the right! Okay, the "kid" on the left as well!)


This week, we had a zone meeting over in Gyumri. I think it went pretty well. Everyone thought it was great. I just wish that people would put into action what we actually tell them to do. Some missionaries complain about the same results, without having made any changes in that week. Something tells me this story won't really change, even after my mission.

 Well, we had a Family Home Evening last Monday and for the game at the end we played Pictionary. I don't know it means I'm really good or really bad, but it seems like I couldn't really draw anything before they guessed what it was. For example, I was only able to draw a circle and someone guessed "Car!"

 It seems like investigators are few and far between right now. But I absolutely love the one's we get. Like just yesterday we picked up a man who was a friend of an investigator of ours. We met him as he was playing chess with him. His name is Lyova and he was such a funny old man. He was making a whole bunch of jokes the whole time and kept on trying to cheat by pretending the king was a queen. As we were talking, he would always keep on slipping into Russian, despite our member continually yelling "Armenian!!" So after our member made several jokes about him not knowing Armenian, Lyova picked up our Book of Mormon and started reading the title page like a baptist preacher. Then afterwards he was like "hey, that's a neat book you have. Could I get a copy of it?" :P Our response was enthusiastic.

 Lots of good stories this week. They'll all have to wait until I get back though :p Remind me.

This March 8th was an Armenian holiday called Women's day. It's essentially just a day to celebrate women. So we had Elder Haglund go and get three flowers for us and give them to the sisters (including Sister Haglund), on behalf of the district (because we can't know....straight up give flowers to sisters as Elders...)

So that's my week :) Love you all! Sorry this is short, but we have to bounce down to Yerevan for Elder Harrington to get his mouth fixed.

 Love you all!

 Elder Hammer

The kids again
In Gyumri :p No it's not real.
Relief Society activity on March 8th. Women's day
Relief Society
Teaching Sister Haglund how to dance Armenian style
Me and Elder Wood :)
Our Zone

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