Tuesday, March 19, 2013


 In Alaverdi

So transfers will be coming up soon this week, so keep a heads up for next week. :)

This week was interesting. I left my journal at home, so I'll have to do my best by memory.

 Well, yesterday we took a visit up to Alaverdi again and brought the sacrament to them. It was really quite fun. I always love going up there, especially when we get to give the sacrament to those humble members up there.

 We did a lot of planning this week, Elder Hall and I because we had to change the boarders for the areas in Vanadzor. That took a while because we had to make a map and then place markers where all the active and near-active and less-active potential active members live, and then break up the areas evenly. I think it all worked out in the end though.

This week the Haglunds were putting on a training meeting for all the branch missionaries. They took it seriously and set everything up beforehand, including writing the schedule up on the board and providing the refreshments. We told them it might be easier if we told everyone to show up a half hour earlier than it started so they actually showed up on time, but we decided it would be better to teach people to show up on time. Well, 4:00 came around and no one out of the seven people supposed to show up were there. Sister Haglund kept on changing the start time on the board from 4:00 to 4:01, to 4:05, etc :p I think we got started somewhere around 4:15.

The sisters in our district had a baptism this week. It was a sweet lady named Mariam. She's super nice and way humble. So that was fun getting to see that.

 Well, besides that, not much else happened. We had a little going away lunch as a district today for Elder Hall, who will be heading back this Thursday (technically Friday at dark:00 a.m.)
Love you all!

Elder Hammer

More Alaverdi pictures (I think this is Elder Harrington with Jared)

Vardan(member), Lyova (nonmember), and me (member)

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