Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Armenian Soccer....and Sunday School

Our member's dog :p

It's kind of funny how you said honking was never really a good sign on your mission. Over here, horns are usually pretty nice. It's either a taxi driver who's seen us before or random people just wanting to give us a wave.

It's the people on the street you have to be careful about :p Especially if they're ages 15-23. They usually don't have anything appropriate to talk about, and they usually don't like us. :p

Well, my food skills are a lot better, it's just I don't really have any time to make elaborate meals. We usually get along fine. But I'll be happy to have more than 60 minutes to make food and swallow it whole, get dressed and get out the door. 

You know you're in Armenia when someone gets called out for adultery in the middle of Sunday school...

This week, we had to go down to Yerevan 1) for Zone Leader counsel and 2) because Elder Harrington chipped his tooth (actually, he kind of broke it off). So after the meeting, we went in for him and we have to come back in next Monday to get it capped. I'm getting a little tired of medical issues. There must be something about me that just radiates injury. 
While we were waiting for one appointment to go to the next, we went out street contacting and we met a Pentecostal who was determined to prove to us that we were from the devil. Yay. :p

This week we also went to Alaverdi. It was good as usual :) I'll send some pictures

Tuesday was Elder Harrington's birthday. So at 5:45 in the morning, I got up and made some German Pancakes for us :) I think he liked it. 

Last Monday, we decided to go play soccer as a district. As we were playing, an Armenian kid showed up, so we invited him to come play with us. One by one, more kids started showing up, so eventually they suggested we do America vs. Armenia. Yeahhh, we got kicked pretty hard. :p

Well, I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Hammer

Us that went to Alaverdi

Narine and Milena :)) Our member's granddaughter and grandniece
This is how they sand the roads here
This is how traditional bread is made. They just smack it against the stone oven

Turkish toilet :p They have these here too. You just....squat.
No, they don't have stuffed animals in these here. Yes those are cigarettes. Yes, these things are common.
Big dog at the gas station on the way to Yerevan
All of us at Seran's baptism (the other Elder's baptism)

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