Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rocks or Free Stuff

Me, Elder Bott, Elder Peterson, and our new Elder Van Blankenstein, as well as Abraham. He's a way cool kid that the Erebuni elders baptized while I was in Shengavit.

So the way my laundry works is I put it in a giant bucket with water and soap, which spins it around for me for 15 minutes. Then I take the water out and it spins again to whip the water out :) But yeah, laundry mats don't exist here. Most people just wash them in a tub or something. This week I saw someone washing their clothes at a water fountain :p

So my clothes should be fine. I'm pretty well stocked on suits, and my shirts are holding out. My sewing should last me until the end of my mission. :)

Anyways, I got the letter from the High Priest's quorum yesterday :) Thank you so much for that. It really meant a lot.

So lots of walking again this week. But it resulted in investigators for a change. We have a couple people we're teaching now :) I like that.

Also, I'm going to be teaching Violet's family. There's a lot of drama behind that but in the end, I'll be teaching her daughter, son-in-law, and grandson. So I'll let you know how that goes :)

Got rocks throw at us this week. We're all fine, but Elder Bott got hit in the legs :p He's fine, and has another cool story to bring home now :)

It seems like we either get yelled at and rocks thrown at us, or people just give us free stuff. Example, this week, we got in a situation where some women got 10 other people to start yelling at us. We were cornered and couldn't go anywhere. Thankfully one guy, who was actually in the army, backed us up, even though he didn't want our message. He took most of the flack for us while we made our escape after 20 minutes.

The very same day, one guy, who didn't want our message, gave us a melon for free. :)

So, I have to go now. Sorry! I took a while writing president and we have to go down to Center today, but I love you all!

Elder Hammer

P.S.  Remind me to tell you about my branch district and the locals next week :)))
A cute bird that had no fear and came right up to us while we were sitting
Me and Abraham

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