Monday, March 19, 2012

Shopping in Armenia--Pictures

Here are some pictures Jared sent us this morning.  He sent them kind of late so I could not upload them earlier.  There aren't any pictures of him but they do show where he shops and how cold it is still!
This is where we go shopping. It is THE biggest store in Armenia. We are so lucky :))
Garegin Nzhdeh square, right by where we live
Garegin Nzhdeh :)
Electric bus

(Referring to the last 2 pictures)  Menus at a restaurant. They don't have most of the food that they post, but it's up there anyways. They have all the stuff on the first picture except the last thing (pizza?) and only the first thing on the second. In order, Kebab (pork), Kebab (beef), Shaurma, pizza (don't have), [2nd picture] Lahmajo, and the other three they don't have :p

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