Monday, March 5, 2012

Email Change

Hi!  I've added a small page to Jared's blog.  On the right side of the home page, you'll see "Jared's Companions".  It is a link to a page that lists all the companions that Jared has had since he started and includes pictures.  Here's Jared!


Before I start in, I have a little announcement. President announced at Zone Conference this week that the policy is changing now so that I can only email family and him, so others have to write by snail mail or Dear Elder :/

Anyways, so it looks like things are starting to melt over here. We were sitting doing studies when we hear this huge crash. We look out the window and all the ice from the ceiling, about 50 pound of it, fell off and crashed to the floor. :p We were also able to chip the iceberg off of out front steps :)

My cold has pretty much gone away, but something really weird happened though. On Wednesday or so, we were about to go outside when I feel a drip in my nose, so I sniffed and thought that was the end, but it kept on coming back, so I wiped and found a whole bunch of blood on my hand. Naturally I freaked out, because I had never had a nose bleed before :p I run to the bathroom and about half a cup of blood comes out before it finally stops. It was really weird for me but I guess it's normal in the outside world. Guess it was just the dry winter air and the fact that I had a cold.

As we were walking to Violet's this week, I heard a strangely familiar sound. As we rounded the corner, lo and behold there was an Armenian marching band right in front of the play house. :D I was pretty excited to be around my type, but we were running late, so we couldn't stop. They weren't quite the best quality :p but it was nice to hear something I haven't heard in almost a year now :)

Speaking of Violet though, we couldn't get much done that meeting because she kept on making fun of my accent to our member present every time I spoke... :p great....

And on the ride back, I was reminded that the metro is still an Armenian metro. Right after we got on, the lights went off in the metro, and the driver naturally can't see the cab behind him, so we were stuck in darkness the whole ride. It was a little awkward, seeing as a herd of teenage girls were giggling right next to us.

On Sunday, the lot fell on me to translate for the Seniors during Sacrament meeting. A lot of it was easy stuff like "I know this church is true" and "I believe Joseph Smith was a prophet" but then some would go in telling their life story about something or other and using all these technical words. So that was less than fun. :p

Anyways, Violet is doing great and should be getting her interview tomorrow :) Next Tuesday we're hoping for a baptism :)))

So, I love you all :))) See you next week!

Elder Hammer

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