Monday, March 19, 2012

Everythings coming up...Violets!


So first the big news for this week. We had a Ukranian come over for two nights this week from Monday to Wednesday. Our Ukranian was actually from Denmark. His name was Elder Klestrup from Copenhagen. It was an interesting experience.

On the flip side, VIOLET WAS BAPTIZED!! So this is the story: Her nurse called on Tuesday and said that she had been admitted to the hospital because of an unexpected heart problem (she had actually been rushed in an ambulance). She was released on Wednesday to take medicine at home. She told us she still had to go in to the hospital for that 10 day treatment though. So on Thursday we went on exchanges with the Zone leaders and District leader. So I went down to Erebuni. On Friday night I get a call from Elder Peterson saying "I hope you're free at 1:30 tomorrow, because you have to BAPTIZE VIOLET!" Apparently she said her 10 days were going to start this upcoming week so she had time to get baptized and confirmed in church.

So I get to the baptism and we perform the ordinance which was way neat for me :) First time ever in my life. I get out of the water and step into the bathroom and realize, because I was on exchanges, I hadn't planned for any spare...clothes :p So I was in the bathroom putting my legs underneath the automatic hand dryer for quite a bit of time. Then on Sunday, Violet said she wanted me to confirm her as well, so I did :) It was quite a neat experience for me. It's was just kind of weird changing her name on our phone from " I Violet " to " M Violet " (I is for investigator. M for member :) ) It seems like it's been such a long journey, I can't believe it all happened that quickly.

Anyways, Violet's nurse came to her baptism and actually came to church to see her get confirmed as well. She turned to me just after the sacrament and said "I also want to get baptized" :) So that was way cool.
Violet's daughter though said she also wants to get baptized :D So it was just a crazy time for us.

So despite a rough beginning of the week, it turned out alright :)

Anyways, I love you!!!

Elder Hammer

Us and Elder Klestrup
A shaurma :) yummmmmm
Our apartment front porch

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