Monday, February 13, 2012

So You Say You're From France?

Satik Tatik, me, our investigator Davit, Elder Peterson

So Valentines Day doesn't really have the same foothold here, though the candy stores are trying hard to change that. The church here however likes to take the American holidays and make activities out of them, such as Halloween and those kind of things. So there is going to be a youth activity for Valentines day. We'll see how that goes though :p

As for tortillas there are none here, but they have something close called lavash. It's like a giant flour tortilla about two feet wide and four feet long and they make all sorts of things out of it. They do have one Mexican restaurant here which is actually not too bad. It is way expensive though, so we only go there for birthdays and stuff. :)

Anyways this week had it's up and downs, but things have seemed to get into a routine, so the work is pressing forward. With this mission though, who knows if things will change in the next week, day, (hour even?)

But one piece of news, we had to give up our one investigator who we taught the first three lessons to, to the Assistants because he was just barely out of our area and we didn't even know because we were meeting him at the church. So we were way sad about that. Violet has her baptismal date though! For the 13th of March. It happens to be her birthday as well :) She said she wanted me to do the ordinance too :) So hopefully I'll be getting my first baptism soon :) assuming I don't get transferred.

We went on exchanges this week and I got to serve with the new missionary Elder Rackham. He's a way good missionary, and really motivated. We had an awesome 2 or 3 days together. It was kind of interesting though being the older companion for the first time, if only for a few days.

While we were on exchanges we were walking around the square by the Opera and all of a sudden the streets went empty which was really weird. Then we heard sirens and then the Presidential Armada came rolling down the street with all sorts of official looking cars, so that was way neat.

I was getting ready to go out the door when all of a sudden a heard Elder Peterson scream pretty much like a little girl. So I run in thinking he got shot or something and I see him run into the bathroom. I asked what was wrong and he said he had put his hand in his backpack and felt something squish and lifeless, like a dead rat. Something that was not supposed to be there. So I put on some gloves while he's boiling his hands and open the backpack a tiny bit. I look inside and see a banana, rotten and brown. After laughing for a bit, I went and told Elder Peterson what his culprit was.

We were visiting this one potential investigator who had come to church and we found this one ollllllddddd lady at his house. We said hello to her and she was probably the liveliest one there. Her hearing was awful though :p We were saying, where we were from and she was like "Whattt? They're from France?" We said, "No, from America." She said, "You live in America, but you're from France??" We said "No, just American." She said, "Well, then where did France come from??" Then we explained none of us had said anything about France :p Then someone asked where we were staying and we said Shengavit. Then she said "Why are you staying in the hospital? What's wrong?" Then we explained again where we were staying :p She was super nice and funny. We asked to take a picture and when we said to stand in front of the camera, she stood with her nose practically on the lens :p It was way too funny. Her name was Satik, so we all called her Satik Tatik, which means Satik grandma. :)

Anyways, that's my week. Not too much going on :)

Love you all! :)

Elder Hammer

2 feet of snow fell this week.
Elder Frosty:p We made this while doing service for a member.

Money here

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