Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to Clean Your Clothes in Armenia and Other Fun Pictures

Hello all!  So after I posted Jared's letter, my hubby started asking where the pictures were.  What pictures?  I obviously had missed something.  When I checked again, there were 8 pictures that I had not seen.  So here they are along with some comments Jared made.  Enjoy! 

The pictures  are of me and Elder Peterson at the memorial today, one of a screw stuck in Elder Peterson's shoe. We couldn't pull it out, so we screwed it out. And one of a popular laundry detergent brand here....I don't think the makers know English...I might have included one of our planning board, but I can't remember :p

At the Memorial
Elder Peterson and Jared at the Memorial
At the Memorial

Elder Peterson and Jared

Elder Peterson's Shoe

Jared fixing the shoe

Really?  This is supposed to CLEAN the clothes????

The Planning Board

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