Monday, February 6, 2012

Slip Sliding Away


So, yes. It is more than cold here. It snowed again which dropped the temperature below comfortable. Since I don't read metric temperature very well, I just figure if a plus is next to the C, it means 'comfortable', if there's a negative, it means 'not comfortable'. Plus it didn't help that our water heater broke this week, so it's just as cold inside as outside. I almost cried last night. It's a good thing I have a giant marshmallow blanket. (It's big and white, and really a point). And so, that also meant no warm showers...merr...

Speaking of the cold and "no broken backs". Funny story, (well it was funny for Elder Peterson). The second day after snow comes is the worse because it kind of melts during the day, but then freezes again at night, creating ice...everywhere, because no ones scrapes snow off of anything here.  So we had to walk up a hill and turns out the whole hill was ice, so we both got about halfway up when I realized that instead of going up I was going the other direction. So I resigned myself and slid all the way back down. Elder Peterson followed and we found a patch on the side of the hill next to a building that had some snow left which provided traction. When we got to the top,we saw an Armenian just take off from the top of the hill and slide all the way down. We were kind of jealous.  

On our way back, we had to go back down the hill, so Elder Peterson took the snowy side while I, being impatient, tried to follow the example of the Armenian. So as you can expect, my pride brought me pretty low. I didn't even make it to the slope before I smacked down and Elder Peterson watched as I slid right by him on my rear, sprawled on the ice. There happened to be a car back up at the top of the hill waiting for someone, and it honked, the driver inside laughing....The best part is that when I got up, I made it about four more steps before I wiped out again.
Later on that day we were walking around Shengavit when I tried stepping up on a curb and wiped out again, making number 3. That time I just kind of laid there for a minute, sprawled out again, not really feeling like facing the two teenage girls who watched the whole thing and were, also, laughing.

Yesterday we were trying to get to Violet's house, and yes, I wiped out again, except this time on stairs. That was a little less fun. So my back hasn't really been too happy with me lately and my entire left side of my body is sore :p

So earlier on this week we had an experience that really showed we must be doing the right thing here. We were together with Elder Hatch and Elder Peterson (the tall) and we were going to our church so they could meet their landlord who lived in Center. As we were walking across the street, this one boy in front of us, about 17 years old, turned around and spat at us. He missed for the most part, but managed to get Elder Peterson (the small) on the jacket a little. We kind of assumed maybe it was just an accident...maybe and kept on walking. As we got closer to our church though, the boy kept on looking back. Finally he just stopped and said "Stand right here! Don't walk this way any more" we explained we had to get to our church, and then he went off saying something about a crazy house and saying he'd do cuss words to our religion. Finally he just kind of stopped and we said, that we could walk in front of him if he'd like. Then he said something about killing and whatnot then right before he left he spat a huge wad of spit in Elder Peterson's (the tall) face at point blank, some of which bounced off into my face. So that was fun :p He's been known for punching Elders though, so we considered ourselves lucky. 

So a cold, less than encouraging week, but the good news is that Violet is our silver lining. She's way excited for baptism and shows up for everything the church has to offer, Sacrament meeting, Institute, all sorts of stuff. And she calls us her grandchildren (and treats us like it too). This Sunday she was in church and signaled for me to come over, so I came and she looked like she was about to say something and then just shoved a whole bag full of candy into my jacket pocket and said "share with your friend" :p She is honestly our favorite person right now. :)

Anyways, that was my week :) I love you! :))

Elder Hammer
Me and Khachik, a new member
Us and Zaven, a really good member
Khachik wearing my backpack :p His idea.

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