Monday, October 31, 2011

The Water Boy

Happy Halloween!  Here's the latest news. Have a great night trick-or-treating!!!

 Hey Mom!!!!!

So, funny news. I got transferred again. I'm headed back to Yerevan. Except now I'll be serving in center. It's way crazy because that's where all the stuff happens. The president's house, parliament, the opera house, and all the national monuments are in my area now.

I'll be serving with an Elder named Elder Strader. He should be interesting. But I'm way excited because it snowed here last night and it should be a tad warmer in Yerevan. The church building here is actually owned by the church instead of just rented, so that is going to be way cool.

Anyways, it's Halloween today. We're planning on having a little party with just the 4 of us at the Zone Leader's apartment. Have dinner and maybe some kind of dessert.

That is probably the coolest pumpkin I have ever seen!!!!  (Jared's talking about the pumpkin his sister and I made.  Here it is!)
Pac Man and the Ghost
 I'm so mad I didn't get to help!!! That is way cooollll. I don't even know how you did it. (Guess he didn't see the little toothpicks!) I miss making pumpkin seeds and everything.

So yeah, that's the news here. I spent 2 weeks in Charentsavan, and now I'm heading back. I spent a couple freezing nights, but now everything should be a bit better :p

LOve you MOMMMM!!!!!!!!

Elder Hammer :D


Anyways. Big news, I got transferred again after 2 weeks in Charentsavan. I'll be heading to the big city. I'll be serving in Kentron, or Center. This is the very center (hence the name) of Yerevan. So that should be way interesting. I'll be serving with Elder Strader, who has been there since I've been in country.

The new kids are coming, so I will no longer be the little one in the mission. I'm way excited. We have one Sister that's coming from Glendale. She speaks Western Armenian, so that will be a challenge for her when she arrives. It's almost a completely different language.

So this week.

Our water heater exploded again this week, which was not fun. This time was bigger and water started spraying over electrical cords and everything. It was a way stressful situation, plus we had no hot water again. As of right now, I can see my breath in our apartment, even in the middle of the day. 

I went on splits with the zone leaders, which was fun. Their apartment is falling apart though. I tried taking a shower, and then all of a sudden it exploded on me. The shower head went to full pressure and water started spraying out of the knobs. I tried turning the water off, but the handle wouldn't tighten to turn the shower off. So that was way fun. I don't have the best relationship with water in this country.

I really learned why it's called the Word of Wisdom this week. We ran into this one kid who was keeled over and could hardly breath. He couldn't hardly stand, two of his friends were carrying him. We tried asking him what was wrong but he just gasped and clutched his chest. His friend said he was at a birthday party and he downed an entire bottle of wine. We were certain he was going into shock from alcohol poisoning. The worst part was that his friends were just laughing at him. We were going to call an ambulance, but his friends took him off before we could.

Sunday I got food poisoning, and was confined to the bathroom for a good part of the night. The good news was that it was daylight savings time, so we got an extra hour of sleep.

So sometimes there might not be huge miracles, sometimes there are, but most often out here we get the small ones that just remind you that you're not alone in this work and that you will receive help. For instance, we were walking down the street and Elder Cook (my zone leader) said, "I need to talk to this guy right here". He went up to a man and asked him a definition of a word and then the man moved on. We were wondering why we had to stop that man when another person across the street called us over. He was just going to let us go because we were walking, but since we stopped, he called us over. He took a pamphlette and agreed to meet with us in a few days. It wasn't something huge, but it was something small that really made our day.

Anyways, next week should be amazing. I'll talk to you all then. :) Love you!

Elder Hammer

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