Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Malatsia and the Zoo--Pictures

It's a Bear!
These are the pictures Jared sent us.  He said that they're all from his last area, Malatsia and the local zoo. Enjoy!

This guy brought bread over, but wanted water too. He just couldn't handle it and dropped his bread in the water. :p He got it later.
I don't know what kind of cat this is, but he stared at me the whole time I passed.
Hello :) from both of us.
I thought Maddie might like this picture of Simba.
I feel like this. Everrrryyyyy dayyyyy.
White tiger
Grocery store outside
We found this guy in our church

The entrance to it
Their baptismal font :)
Malatsia on my last night
The outside of our church
The inside of our church
The inside of the grocery store (one of about 7 aisles)
Me wearing a Russian KGB hat we have at our apartment
My last view of Yerevan with Sis and Masis in the background (Ararat)

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