Monday, October 24, 2011

News from Armenia

Even though this letter is 2 hours later than usual, I think this is my favorite email yet because now we know for sure that all is well in Armenia.  Yervan is 120 miles from the 7.2 earthquake that hit yesterday. 

 Hey Mom!

About the earthquake, yes I'm alright :) I didn't feel it, but everyone on the top floors of our building did because they all ran out at the same time we were, trying to get up all yelling "Earthquake!" and just going nuts in general. It was actually quite funny. We didn't get the main earthquake, but we got an aftershock in Yerevan. It wasn't too bad, but they closed the road to Malatsia, or so I was told by Elder Lush. We're hoping this will open up Turkey more to missionary work, just like the earthquake in Gyumri did for Armenia.

Anyways :) Good to hear everything is alright over in
Santa Monica. I really do miss the weather there. It is so freaking cold here that it's ridiculous. They sent me here just in time for winter. Not even fair.

But yeah, I'm not complaining. I'm still healthy and all for the most part. You'd be proud of me, though. I make meals, do dishes, clean toilets and bathtubs :D And I do laundry, though it's a pain in the rear to do here.

Anyways, love you Mom! And stay healthy. I love you so much. We just got the Liahona about the Book of Mormon and there was a section on the mothers of the 2,000. I thought of you :)

Elder Hammer

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