Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's okay...I'm fine here

Me next to the "huh" for 'H'ammer

This week was very very busy. Monday was translating, Tuesday was Preparation day, Thursday we had a baptism in Gyumri we went to, Friday we had Zone conference, and then Saturday and Sunday was general conference. Besides that, on Wednesday we went and did service for one of our members. We shoveled poop. We finished up their garden and now they need to fertilize it :p Funnnn....

Well, I always love General Conference out here. Sure I had my traditional nap somewhere between two 70s talks, but I stayed awake for most of it. General Conference means something more to me now, now that I've been out here in Armenia. I wasn't very good about studying the gospel before my mission, to say the least, but now, general conference is just one of the greatest testimony builders besides the scriptures I have.

 It was kind of funny though, all the Armenians kept on wandering into our room and sitting with us. We let them know that conference was going in Armenian in the main room, but they were always like "It's okay. I'm fine here." :p We were like "No really, it's totally fine if you go into the other room." (They would always bring their kids in and they would just go nuts making noise everywhere) but they were always just like "Oh no, thanks. I'm good here." At first I was kind of annoyed, but then I realized, they just liked being around us, and then I felt kind of touched. :)

Well, funny little nothings that happened this week:
Got to see hail in Gyumri this week. First time in like 10 yearsWe went to the store real quick on preparation day right before we headed in for the night and Elder Wood just goes "Aghhh!!!" and he looks over and we both see that he had no tie on :p So we walked around for 30 minutes without him having a tie.

Well, I love you all!!!
Stay well and healthy!

Elder Hammer

The Armenian letters monument
Me doing service, scooping pig poop from fertilizer...
Bareback horse-riding shepherd. :)
Sister "Siranush" Muradyan, Sister Nelson's temporary companion.
Me and Lena, our 15 year old member who's super stoked about missionary work. Cannot wait the four years until she can go. 

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