Friday, April 12, 2013

From 60 to 1

Super rainy :)
Sorry for the late posting of the letter.  We didn't get it until Tuesday.  Plus it was a busy week here.  Only 7 more weeks to go until he arrives at LAX!  Here's Jared!!!


Well, right now we have two main people we're working with. One is named Tigran, and the other is Karo. I think I've talked about Tigran a little bit, but he's a young man about 21 years old and we're getting him ready to serve a mission. He's been struggling with inactivity for a while, but now he's doing really great. We kind of dragged him out of exile and he pushed himself to be active again. He's way awesome. He'll be serving a mini-mission in a week, but after that, he's going to start working with the branch president and he'll get ready to serve a real mission. If he serves a mission, I will never again wonder why I'm in Armenia. I'm just so excited for him and we both love him so much.

Karo I think I've spoke about a bit as well. He's the man who started off smoking 60 cigarettes a day, and now he's done to just one :) He's almost done. His testimony is super strong and he's got a great family support system, so I think he's going to be baptized before I go home, which would be really great to see. :)

 Besides that though, it's been a pretty normal week. Not a whole lot more to report. A couple funny stories and a couple scary stories, but for the most part it's just been a good weekYesterday I was translating for President Carter the whole day which is why I wasn't able to write. Sorry :)
Well, I love you all so very much. :)

Elder Hammer

Us, inspecting the new church building in Vanadzor :)  

One of the boys in our branch.

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