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Skype with Jared-Mother's Day 2012

Jared’s Skype Call—Mother’s Day 2012   May 13, 2012

We had the computer on and Skype was up and waiting for about 1 ½ hours before Jared called.  When Jared Skpyed at Christmas, he actually called 30 minutes later than we had expected.  This year he called about 10 minutes early, which threw us off a little!  I ran into the room when I noticed he was calling.  I rounded up the troops after that and began a very nice chat with Jared.  Jared mentioned that he had to get up at 5:00 in the morning Monday so he could chat with us.  What a good boy!

We noticed that the video of Jared was a little bit blurry but the sound was better than at Christmas.  We actually were very lucky to hear from Jared at all because the internet cut out for the whole country when lightening hit some of the wires.  So glad we still got our call!

We made a list of questions and Jared answered most of them for us.

Carl’s mom was visiting so she joined in on the chat as well.  She asked him what he was up to and he said, “Preachin, teachin, workin.”   She asked if he was avoiding the rock throwers and he said, “Usually.”  :S  She wondered if he had given away any of the ties that she had sent him (She sent him 15 or more to give away to people over there so if anyone came and threatened him for his tie again, he would have one to give away!).  He mentioned that he had begun to give them away.

*Side note:  The little parakeet we have in the other room is constantly chatting during the video we took. It’s like she wanted to get in on all the “happy” going on in the other room!

He mentioned that he will have transfers coming up on the 18th of May.  He’s still the junior companion most likely.  He mentioned that there are about 8 MTC groups in the country at one time.  He is in the 5th oldest group, 3 other groups have come after him.  So he may still end up being the young one in the group for awhile.

Jared tells us he has no plans to burn anything for his one year anniversary.  (???)

Maddie showed off her 7th Grade Who Am I project and her art on the front. 

Jared’s Uncle Ben, Carl’s brother, popped in and started staring at Jared in the camera about this point. It was good for a good laugh!

He says he is not getting a lot of snail mail and would love to get some. He says his mailbox is lonely. 

Maddie wanted to ask Jared some of the questions from her Who Am I project.  One of the questions was what his most memorable memory of her.  He said he remembers playing “Christmas Morning” with her for about the 2 weeks before every Christmas when they were younger.  They would wrap up things from around the house and put them under our little one foot tree.  They would then pretend to fall asleep and wake up a minute later and it would be Christmas morning.  They would then open all the presents.  What a fun memory!

Maddie asked him what animal she imagined him being and he said a mouse, because they’re quiet and she looks like a mouse.  He thinks she is very hardworking and that she got much better grades then him in 7th grade. 

He talks about how every week he has to do some evaluation every week with his companion and they have to always start out with one strength of the companion and then things that could be improved.

 We asked him how to speak some things in Armenian for us. Carl joked around and asked him to say, “Where is the bathroom?”  and he said, “Donde es el baño?”  That made everyone laugh. He did a great job of answering all our crazy questions on language.  Uncle Ben asked him how to say, “Luke, I am you father.”  Later on Ben also  said, “They didn’t teach you how to say, “Come to the dark side” did they?”  Between Ben and Carl, they kept us all laughing during the conversation.   

Jared says he feels like he is now able to understand people now.  He said that not being able to understand people at our last Skype session really caused him problems.  It’s much better now.  He said there’s room for improvement.  Jared quote, “…there are times when I’m like, ‘Wait, what??”  He kept us laughing too!  We told him that his friend, Arman/Sticks from Armenia, said that he spoke Armenian really well to which Jared replied, “Yeah, well he’s a really nice kid!”

They usually go out into the public about 11:00 a.m.  He said, “Sometimes we throw a Josh ..a meal…..lunch”  He was struggling to come up with the word for lunch.  He said they don’t have words for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Armenian.  It just is Josh.  We noticed a few times during the conversation with Jared that he was struggling to come up with English words to explain things.  He said that there are a few words that just don’t translate over from Armenian. 

He said there are about 9 blocks in Nork where they have been wandering around talking to people.  He mentioned a “Power Hour” where they talk to anyone who looks at them at all.  They also talk to people they meet on the Marshutinees and taxis.

He says he’s visited most of the places he’s wanted to visit already. 

Jared’s Aunt Tomoko, Ben’s wife, came in at this point and talked to him about how things were going. 

We wondered why he kept being sent out for a week or two to new areas and then being sent back to Yerevan.  He doesn’t know why.  He likes being in Yerevan though.  Much better amenities, like running water, warm showers, etc.  While he was talking, he mentioned something about one of his companions, Poker Peterson.  Poker?  He said that meant small.  There is also an Elder Peterson they call Boyo Peterson.  He’s tall. He said the typical time with companions is 3 months, not Jared’s situation of only 2 weeks with some companions. 

Jared told us that he has many stories that he will share once he gets back. 

He thinks that most likely he will leave Friday, June 14, 2013 and will get home Saturday, June 15. 

Jared mentioned that Cinnabon showed up in Armenia.   He was very happy!  Georgia, near Armenia, has a McDonalds that the Armenian missionaries are jealous of. 

He said his back is okay.  Nights and mornings aren’t always good but he says he just takes Advil.  He got sick recently and lost his voice.  But he’s better now.  He was on another round of antibiotics. 

He said they don’t have Cheetos over there.  They have Lays potato chips but they’re labeled in Arabic.  They have to guess at the flavors.  “The ones with the shishkabobs on them we assume are barbecue.”  He was happy because they are getting chips over there that are labeled in Russian and apparently he can now read Russian.  He learned it while he was in Malatsia.  He said that it’s helpful to know Russian because Russian words sound like Armerican words half the time.  “So we were wondering if this stuff was body wash or shampoo and we read the Russian label and it said, ‘champoo’, so we found out it was probably shampoo!”  The word for pineapple in French is Annanas, and in Russian this flavored item said the same thing so Jared knew it was pineapple.   Jared says the Armenian cheese is just awful, way too salty.  They get cheese shipped from other places, like a cheese called Ferndindale (sp) that tastes like cheddar. 

He says he lost 15 pounds at first when he was in Armenia.  Then he gained some back. He’s now weighing less than he did before college.  They’re walking a lot and there are a lot of hills in Nork.  He’s now lost 5 more pounds.   He’s doing his push-ups and planks.

He told us one mild story that he planned on waiting to tell us.  He said that he and his companion were being aimed at by a car that was driving in a parking lot.  Jared got out of the way but his companion didn’t.  His companion was fine.  The guy claimed there was ice but Jared did not agree.  He was pretty ticked.  Jared said he has not been hit by any cars or buses in the country.

He said you have to be careful about what you say because if you don’t pronounce some words right, you’ll change the meaning completely.  He gave the example of James 1:5 “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” If you mispronounce the ….’and it will be given him’  you end up saying  “…and he will be castrated.” When Jared spoke that phrase we could barely hear a difference.  Eek!

He gets a good 15 minute, $6 (6000 dram) haircut from a guy who is in the area. 

He said the whole mission has learned to do the Rubik’s cube.  Jared hates them and doesn’t want anything to do with them. 

He said the last group of pictures, which looked amazing, said a member, who is his landlord as well, took the pictures.

Lots of  "We Love You!" and things like that and then that was it!  Until this December!!!

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