Monday, May 14, 2012

The Armenian Pentagon

Mother's Day we got to talk to Jared by Skype.  Great call!  We will post those notes soon.  Enjoy his short letter this week!


So It was way fun talking today :) Glad you finally got to hear my Armenian :p Because we talked, I'll just write about a bit of the stuff we did this week :)

Also, Mom, a Mother's Day letter is in the mail. Don't think I forgot you. Hopefully it gets there somewhat soon. It seems like stuff from here reaches there, but the opposite takes a little bit more time. 

Anyways, fun fact about the area I'm in right now, Nork. The Armenian equivalent of the Pentagon is in my area. We pass it often whenever we're on a marshutine and it's really cool watching the soldiers come in and out of it and all the high-ups with all their badges. The Armenian military academy is also in my area a little farther down from my house. There's a tank parked out front of it so I always enjoy when our path takes us by there. :)

So Tsoghik, I don't know if you read anything about her from my past emails, but she's the one that has the dreams about what we teach and everything. Her husband allowed her to get baptized after we fasted one day, but just recently it looks like he's changed his mind and doesn't want her to. And it was just a week until her date too :/

Well, there's not really a whole lot more from this week :p It was kinda dry. There were a lot of ups and downs; more downs than ups :p but it seems to work that way right?

Anyways, I love you all, sorry the letter is so short :)

Elder Hammer

Part of Jared's note to me:

So this week I realized I'm going to be alone on my flight from Chicago to LA when I come back. I thought how weird it would be. Saying bye to the other three missionaries as they head for Salt Lake and then it's just me on my way back home. That'll be such a fun day. :) Sharing stories and whatnot. Picking up all my crud from the airport :p  (Jared still has another year to go!)

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