Monday, December 26, 2011

Turkey on the Bus

Even though we talked to Jared yesterday, he still wrote us a letter!  Here it is!
Me and Elder Seegmiller

It was great Skyping to you guys and all the family :) It's so good to see all of you. It really does seem like these 7 months have passed by really quickly, so it won't be too long until Mother's Day :) It was cool seeing all of Madeline's Christmas gifts, which she proudly displayed :p I think the penguin blanket was my favorite. 
Nice pictures though :) I definitely miss making Christmas cookies a ton. I loved making my weird cookies, but it looks like Madeleine has carried on the tradition just fine :p

So do I seem too different? I was wondering if you were going to ask me to say anything in Armenian :) I wanted to show off my skills, but that's okay :p I'll probably be better by Mother's Day anyways.

Anyways, I told you about the Christmas party with our District, but we also had a mission wide one as well. We did a white elephant game and then we had food, which was shishkabobs (dunno how to spell it in English) and way too many desserts. After that we had a pretty fun talent show in which everyone was involved in some way or another. Since I didn't have my trombone, I just helped out with some skits :p

We went out to a small village again this week and one of our members down there (age 12) and his friend saw us walking by, so we got in a huge snowball fight :p Which ended with me in the snow and Elder Strader trying to save my life.

On the bus ride back we were just sitting down when these three teenagers got on the bus and sat down. We saw that one of them had a bag in his hand. When we looked closer, we saw a turkey sticking out of it, alive, in the middle of the city :p Only in Armenia.

Last Monday we went to the big golden wheat statue, which is apparently a tribute to all the prisoners of war ever taken in battle. It was way neat to see that part of their culture.

Well, I told you most of everything in the videos, but I'm sending some good quality pictures ;) (We told Jared that we loved pictures, at least the ones that did not include burning objects!)

Anyways, love you lots! There will probably be transfers happening real soon, so keep a heads up for that.

Elder Hammer

One of our Senior missionaries teaching the APs how to hula.
Golden Wheat.
The party
Me and ol' Elder Maughan who came down all the way from Vanadzor.
All the Senior missionaries (including the prez) trying to get a cracker from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands. :p

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