Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Impressive Armenians

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope this Christmas season finds you and your families healthy and happy!  On Christmas, Jared will have been out for 7 months!  Can you believe it?  The time is flying by! We're looking forward to Skyping with Jared on Christmas.  We'll let you know how that goes.  If there is anyone who wants to send a message to Jared, let me know through Facebook or leave a message here on the blog as well.  I'll try to pass it on to him when we talk to him. Have a wonderful holiday season!!!

Here are some parts from Jared's letter to me:

The birthday package hasn't arrived yet (we sent him a package at the beginning of December), as far as I know, but it should come soon I'm guessing. Monica sent a small package and it got here in about 3 weeks. I don't know if I told this story, it's actually kind of funny. A sister in my district has received a few packages throughout her mission from her mom. Her mom realized though, that if she put stickers of the cross and the virgin Mary on the package, it would arrive, invarriably, a few months sooner than expected :p

As far as Christmas celebrations among the missionaries goes, the mission will be putting on a mission-wide talent show at the office the day before Christmas. Christmas day we will be caroling to our branch presidencies and then having a small dinner party within our district. So that should be way fun :) We're watching some Christmas movie from the black and white era, but everyone says it's good, so we'll see how that goes :) 

Parts of Carl's Letter:

 This week:

On planning day, a cat happened to get stuck on top of a 7 story building and it kept on meowing and looking over the edge. This continued on for about 2 days. I have to admit, we got a bit distracted watching this cat leap all over the roof looking for a way down. We're not sure what happened to it, but we hope it found a way down. :p

We visited one family this week who's actually from Gyumri. They have a pretty sad story which they related to us. Their father was killed in Gyumri after the earthquake happened, so they all moved to Russia to try to find work. While they were in Russia, the missionaries found them and baptized all three of them: the mother and the brother and sister. After a few months being members in Russia, the Mission Presidency up there asked them to move down here to strengthen the church here. So the church paid for them to come down here to Shengavit and is paying for their apartment until they can find substantial work. They are a really good family and way involved in the church. The brother is preparing to go on a mission and their whole family is waiting a few more months until they can all be sealed in the temple and do the work for their father. Because the teacher for the Gospel Principles class is pretty flakey, we always end up having to teach it. It's been really good though because this family always comes to our class every week and helps us teach it by taking turns.

So we were about to head in when the sisters in Shengavit called us at about 8:30 and told us to come over quickly because Sister Kholer needed a blessing. We jumped on the metro and flew over to Shengavit after calling some people for permission. When we got to their apartment, all the lights were turned off except for a few small ones and Sister Kholer was just lying on the ground, in obvious pain. We never were told about all the details other than she has chronic migranes, but we gave her a blessing and made sure they were alright. The next day we called back to check up on them and Sister Kholer was doing fine. It was good knowing that we can be trusted as Priesthood leaders to be called on such a late notice like that. It was also kind of cool seeing the apartment that we'll be moving into real soon! :D It really is like a mini-America. I'm way excited.

 This week we picked up a family of new investigators who were a referral from the branch president. We made brownies and brought stuff to make pizza (branch president's idea) and then watched the Joseph Smith movie. They were way nice people and seemed totally ready to learn the gospel. The mother is really hospitable and the three sisters seems to look to her for example. Their father is mentally handicapped now, we don't know how, and their brother is in the Army for two years, but they don't let any of that get to them. There is such a love in that house that would be hard to find anywhere else.

So that was my week :)

I love you all! Stay safe :)

Elder Hammer

Did Jared get in a fight?  No.  He's just freezing cold!  Guess who's getting gloves mighty soon???

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