Monday, September 19, 2011

Bunny Ears are Universal--Pictures

Short but sweet this week.  Hopefully this means he's plenty busy!
So our branch has finally taken a turn for the better. We had 26 people come this Sunday and we're looking at possibly 37 people for next week. If that happens, we'll have the highest activation rate of any branch in Armenia, nearing about 50% activity. So we're way excited. 

We have both great experiences here and not so great experiences. Some of my favorite things people said to us this week:

Us: "Hello" (to a random man)
Random Man "You should not say anything"

Elder Lush: "Excuse me, I have a question"
Man: "If it's a question about religion, I don't want to hear it,"
Elder Lush: "I just wanted to know if this trail leads through to the street"

Boy on the street: "Are you the Mormons"
Us: "That's our nickname"
Boy starts throwing grapes at us.

Good experiences too though. This one man walked into our church on Sunday during the 3rd hour. He left about 20 minutes later before we could even talk to him. He looked like he could have been way interested though. The very next day, we were walking in a random neighborhood and we paused at this one intersection of alleyways. We both looked down this one alleyway, and felt we should go down it. After we walked a few minutes, we were stopped by a few old men. They didn't have much to say, so we were about to keep on going, but we ran into that one same guy who walked into our church. He was walking back from the store at this time (normally he was never out at this time, but it happened to be an Armenian holiday) and we had stopped right in front of his home. He was way interested and we picked him up as an investigator.

But anyways, On Tuesday, I saw the president of Armenia. Elder Lush was doing a medical check with his group to renew his visa and I was out on the streets with another missionary. As we were coming back by Marshutine, two cops stopped traffic in all directions (our marshutine was in the front of traffic). I realized we had stopped right in front of the presidential palace. Then four cop cars came out, along with about 10 black vans, followed by four more police cars. It was way interesting.

So that's my week :) I love you all. Stay healthy and happy!

Elder Hammer
A good sunset in Armavir (hoktemberian)
The Branch President's Family
 It's funny to see that Bunny Ears are the same all over the world!

So, yes I did get my stuff back from the kids :p It was just kinda funny. They're great kids. We wanted to teach their family, and they want to be taught, they just live too far away. They live over by the lake on the Azerbajan boarder. We're not allowed to go there :p

So Maddie likes my iPod eh? Does she delete apps too? :p I figure I'm just going to have to start new when I get back anyways :) 

Anyways, good luck with your devils. :) Trust me, they could be worse. One little kid asked us this week "Hey, you Mormons?" We said yes, and then he started throwing grapes at us.... 
So it looks like kids are the same all over the world :p

It looks like Alah's new baptism date is October 1st so hopefully that will work out :) We're working hard to get her to church and stuff, but she lives way far away. 

Anyways, I love you lots mom. Elder Lush has the MoTab singing I Often Go Walking on his ipod, and I always think of you whenever it comes on :)

Elder Bear
(pico pico)  (Inside joke with me, Jared, and the Leishman's!)

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